Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Exercise

my family on Sunday morning

I missed the time when I can just drag my entire family to the running tracks and just do our biking, jogging and walking. In fact, even our little nephew on stroller joined the fun.

Lately, however, they are just too lazy to hit the morning road. So, I jog alone and sometimes, I bring my kid with me along with his inline blades and with a promise that we will head to the local beach for a short swim.

I really don't look big but I don't quite like it when I see unwanted belly bulges or big leg thighs that I can't fit into my pants again. Further, my back pains continue to torment me when I don't do my morning exercises.

Not a good number of Filipinos are into family or individual exercises. And, with poor lifestyle and eating habits, we are now at risk of lifestyle - related diseases like heart attacks, diabetes and strokes.

Thus, the Department of Health encourages all Filipinos to exercise and have healthy lifestyles and to read reviews like nuphedragen review to avoid any health problem.

It is quite alarming that even the toddlers are now prone to obesity and diabetes. For this reason, I drag my kid to physical activities, even just games with his playmates to keep his weight down.

Health is precious and we can keep it in superb state if we take care of ourselves well.



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