Thursday, May 13, 2010

Family on New Job Search

My sister is an electrical engineer and has a fair share of experience in electrical design. She quite enjoys the perks of her work although she has her complaints too. For one, she complains about her humungous withholding tax. Hahahaha!

Working in the Philippines always means hard work. But, if you want to go for comfortable and decent living, then, it means working the hardest and trying multiple jobs if possible. Worse, you can’t even find jobs that easy.

There are other media to find for a job and I am pretty sure that most Filipinos are interested to have works. It is by this reason that two (2) of my family members shall head abroad for a more promising career.  

A number of Filipinos are OFWs who choose to leave their families behind to have better works. I just hope that the Philippine government will find ways to keep employment opportunities and compensation and family living better so Filipinos won’t have to leave.



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