Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Voting Habit

My parents and sibling did not send us off to the airport since they would be heading to their local precincts to vote. My sister and I chose not to vote since she is not registered and I haven’t updated my vote transfer from Zamboanga to Gensan.

I know if I have to make a change, I should have casted my vote. But, I can only be hopeful that the ones who have voted and who are still voting will choose their leaders wisely. The fate of the coming six years will entirely rely on the chosen leaders.

The entire nation and even the politician – candidates are however anxious about the efficiency and effectiveness of some PCOS machines that are supposed to receive and count the votes.
We can only be hopeful that leaders who will be winning shall be humble enough to carry out their promises of change and development while those who will be losing shall face their defeats with courage and acceptance.



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