Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Weight Loss Program

When we were still in Zamboanga, I used to head to the local sports complex for a run and for badminton with my best friend and my family. Somehow, my weight was cut much because of extreme diet and too active lifestyle.

But, when I moved to Gensan City, I always had reasons to miss my regular joggings, and just be contented with movie watchings making all my lumps bigger and heavier. 

So, when classes were officially off, I forced myself to be on my running shoes again. Indeed, losing weight is never easy. I have to drag my family to either do brisk walking or jogging and then, head to the beach to freshen off.

Weight loss is a difficult problem that some will have to go through cosmetic surgery just to see fast results while others complement their exercise with pills like alli  to keep their weights down.

There are some illnesses that can be attributed to obesity, thus, it pays to be healthy and fab!



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