Friday, May 28, 2010

My Exercise - Procastinating Sister

My sister promised that she would join me in my morning joggings. So, after reminding her several times that she had to wake up, she simply gave her strong yes.

But, when I tagged her this morning to wake up and dress up already, she had the excuse that the rain can make her biking difficult. So, I simply dragged my running shoes on my motorbike and hit the road. Simply put, I jogged alone.

I quite notice that most women who jogged and did taebo and taichi are the ones that have excess weights. I have my belly lumps that I have been wanting to remove, so, I find jogging and diet as my remedy.

Physical exercises are never easy and I can't blame others who would rather try other means just to cut down their weights including product supplements, cosmetic surgeries and foods that burn fat for fast results.

Appearance has a strong link to self confidence and when they see unwanted bulges, it is not surprising that their confidence is undermined, thus, they seek interventions to cut the excess weights. And, I commend those who have strong will to take care of themselves.



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