Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Kid: Mall Alone

I was all very busy for almost two (2) weeks as I wrote articles everyday for more than several hours. But, when power interruptions kicked in, I would bring my kid to the mall, so, he could play while I was on writing.

What seemed to be an ordinary afternoon for me turned quite a trouble as my mom and I got missed one another as she picked up the kid. Her cellphone didnt work well, so, I got all my messages delayed. Thinking that she had the kids, I went to our store alone.

Two hours later, my mom arrived but I did not ask her about my kid. Until I saw my son with his sad look. I teased him about leaving me behind when he burst in tears telling me that I left him behind.  I had the panic attack already when he narrated how he waited for and decided to just walk from the mall to our store. Goodness! He could have been bumped by a vehicle or caught by the bad guys. I feel so terrible that I was really close to losing him.

So, it was a worst learning experience me. I wont be working at the malls again while he fends for himself. I feel like I am the baddest mother. Sigh!

I wish we can get rid of the trauma it caused him and us but I won't be leaving him off my sight that is for sure.  



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