Friday, May 21, 2010

Poor Lanky Nephew

During our one (1) week travel in Manila, my parents and sister updated us that my youngest nephew had been vomiting. I right away remembered the same scenario when my kid was hospitalized years ago simply because of lactose intolerance. However, my nephew had contracted something else that he was advised to be admitted in a hospital due observation and treatment. Poor thing he is barely two years old and only has an average body frame.

My sister showed pictures when he was placed in IV. We could only imagine his shrieking wail and cries. And, with his nasty temper, he can really throw a good fit and hit everyone on his way. Hahahhahah!

Now that we are back home, we had seen him lost more pounds from his illness, however, old self is back, nasty and wacky. But, we love him that way than being sick.

My parents can only complain of his medical bills. If only they have cheap health insurance, they could have paid less from the medicines and hospitalizations.

Insurance payments can be burdensome but you can only be grateful that you had one in times of need.



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