Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sick Family Here

With the weather shifts from extreme cold and hot, we can't keep but getting all sick from flu. The young ones caught some colds. So, it was quite a pity to see them all coughing and feverish. 

With my deprived sleeps, I was all weak that my immunity did not  keep up too, thus, I had to endure a bad flu. I had to miss working and my morning jogs for several days just to get recharged. Now, that we are ok except for my mom, things are back to normal.

My normal days mean sleeping and eating late while working hard. I badly need a good  eye cream  to keep the wrinkles and eye dark circles less visible. 

Weathers and poor lifestyles can make anyone really sick or stressed out. I just hope the weather gets stable and that I can keep up with my work. 



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