Monday, May 10, 2010

Sick Mom, Sick Kids

Because of the weather shifts from extreme heat to cold, we only suffered from colds and flu. The kids had coughs while my mom and I had flu.  We took all our medicines and rest, and happened to get body massages too just to get relieved. 

I rarely get sick but when I don't sleep well, it will only be a  matter of days that I get my temperature up a higher notch.  

So, while everyone else are fully recovered from our illnesses, my mom however continues to endure her dry cough and weak state. She went through laboratory tests but everything is normal for her except for high sugar level. Her doctors had prescribed her some medicines but she  could only feel slight improvements. 

I wish to look for good  vitamin supplements  to help us get all the boosted immunity especially that the rainy season will soon come.

For now, we need good rest, healthy diet and regular exercise and  possible  vitamins soon. 



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