Monday, May 10, 2010

Travel Pasalubong, Filipino Family Habit

Whenever someone travels, it is only very typical for Filipinos to bring freebies or “pasalubong” as gifts to the ones they will be meeting. I guess if you are traveling, this can be both a pressure and delight. Hahhaahhah!

I have to bring our luggage together with an ice chest full of seafoods for my siblings. My mom graciously bought and packed them, thus, making me carry more loads than necessary. My pop however asked my kid to bring him his pasalubong once we get back home. Sigh!!!! Pressures of carrying and buying indeed!

But, more than the ill sides of pasalubong, it actually warms the heart that you can bring simple delight to the ones who will be receiving them. So, I guess, pasalubongs are ok. 

Good thing that my siblings are enjoying the national holiday because it’s election time. They can meet us at the airport and help us with the baggage and carry their pasalubong. Hahahahha!



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