Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wacky Wild Kids

Since the kids are on school vacation, they simply stay at home or at our store to keep a good watch on them. Normally, they just play with the other kids, watch movies, or play with their toys. But, as they get all relaxed, they leave the place in havoc. Sigh! Kids are indeed kids when they know how to cause a good mess. 

Now, some of the store's stuffs are misplaced that I need another good set of  office supplies  to replace the old ones. 

It will be a matter of four (4) weeks when they shall be off to their school again. For the meantime, we just have to continue keeping them checked. 

The youngest bugger  at home leaves everyone all shouting as he does his things. hahahahahah! Geez! I dont know how nannies can live with kids the whole time. hahahhahahahah But we simply love them, so, we will just have to deal with them. 



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