Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Health At Risk

We just started with our store construction today and we expect to have it completed in two weeks  time and my husband and family friend manage the construction. We have two other carpenters at work and may be filling in for two more for the painting works.

After a day's work, they simply complained of headache and body pains because of the wood's dust and strong treatment.

This is indeed the occupational hazard that construction managers and workers take just like when employees are exposed to strong chemical substances like asbestos that may lead to Mesothelioma  and other complications.

Thus, it is quite important that companies must provide  health programs and orientation to make sure that employees are well informed of the potential risks they shall be facing.

We still have 14 days to go for construction to complete, thus, the family can only endure and take remedial measures.


The House is Packed

The house is usually noisy early morning and evening as the kids at home cause the typical havoc chasing our wits to their end and when everyone else is around, our small house seems to be a rat’s hole for all of us.

We did start with my new house but decided to put off its construction until resources can be freely available, considering that graduate schooling and business can quite deplete our resources. We wish however, to have it going once the mall store is in place, up and running. We can only anticipate that we make better sales as we move to a more conspicuous place. 

Until then, we remain with our old home and everyone else.


Thank God, It’s Friday!

The students and I are only happy that it is finally Friday and the entire weekend can be devoted to rest, play, and more rest! Hahahhah!

I can use the entire afternoon updating my blogs and watching my favorite movies again and again. I quite miss writing articles but I am simply hungry for long breaks that I missed last summer.

My kid can only be happier that he can use the entire afternoon playing with his PSP and watching movies. He can hung around with me and help his daddy with the store construction. 

I still have my laboratory class tomorrow until lunch but I can use the entire afternoon with my books and CDs. I wish weekends can be long but I shall still start them with my regular jogging and taebo.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family on Business Stall Construction

The mall construction is finally on the roll as we secure the construction bond and purchase the needed materials for the store renovation. We are given only 15 days to construct and although we may have a leeway to extend, we wish to open officially on July 8 for good luck.

This week and onwards shall be quite busy as we dwell on the new store and get it really income – generating. The new store is pretty scary as we need to pay 15000 for the rent alone. This is the risk that the store shall be taking if it really wants to make sales.

I hope that we can pool our energy and wits to make the store up and going.


Missing Jogging Again

It has been a week since my last jogging and  I feel so sluggish already that I decided to hit the running track again tomorrow. Since the classes started, I can only jog three times and taebo on weekends and I feel quite guilty because sometimes I simply get too lazy to wake up.

What makes the feeling more stressful is the fact that I simply want to eat more chocolates, ice cream and drink cold sodas. My appetite is killing me that I wish I shall have the energy again to exercise every day. I heard appetite suppressants can be quite effective to contain urges to eat.

Keeping a normal weight is never easy and if money is not an issue, I could have had cosmetic surgeries to correct my flaws. However, I can only afford jogging, taebo and natural remedies to intervene with my weight - loss program. So, at breaking dawn, I shall be on my running shoes again. 


Our Sister's Hot Freebie

My sister who just arrived from a week - long trip from Singapore sent us a packaged filled with with our Charles and Keith shoes, souvenir shirts and some chocolates.

And, since I was too excited with the shoes, I did use 3-inch pair at school with 3 floors to hurdle.  the worse thing though was the fact that I had to bring  my shoulder bag along with laptop and projector bag making me all wobbly when I tried to walk.

We did thank our little sister and we all hope we can see her soon and of course, with new freebies again.  


Family on Business Stall Construction

The mall construction is finally on the roll as we secure the construction bond and purchase the needed materials for the store renovation. We are given only 15 days to construct and although we may have a leeway to extend, we wish to open officially on July 8 for good luck.

This week and onwards shall be quite busy as we dwell on the new store and get it really income – generating. The new store is pretty scary as we need to pay 15000 for the rent alone. This is the risk that the store shall be taking if it really wants to make sales.

I hope that we can pool our energy and wits to make the store up and going.


Busy Home

Since the classes started, the house is all wacky and wild as we attend to our school kids and as I prepare for my morning classes. Most of our time, we send shrieks and wails as we chase the little ones to move.  And, having a two – year old bugger does not at all help as he adds to the screams of his oldies. Sometimes, when the early mornings become damp, we are relatively affected too that we exhaust our  home ventilation  to maximum.

This is our second week of classes and we can only hope that after a month of regular classes, we can all get used to the routine.

The kids are only excited that weekend can come and they can consume their time watching movies and playing.

As for me, I can enjoy the rest in between movie watching and reading.  


We Were Robbed

The day started terribly as we woke up with a bad news that our mountain bike and BMX bike were taken at early dawn.

My mom and our house guest did keep the bike last night, securing it against its place and my other family members stayed at our sala until midnight. My pop had our gate secured, thus, we were all at ease with our sleep.

Thus, when we found all our bikes missing, we went frantic! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! The family had gone around the neighborhood checking if they have spotted our thieves but only to know that they too have had their own share of robbed properties. The family headed to the nearest police station to report the incident and we simply resign to the idea that we won’t be retrieving our bikes back.

This is indeed a terrible lesson learned; we are only glad that my own bike is with my college friend and it’s spared from theft. 


Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Nice Family Sunday

We just arrived from our weekend Taebo at Robinson's mall and I simply loved getting all perspired after an hour of boxing and kicking. The crowd has indeed multiplied in number and it is now consisted with male participants who also join us in our aerobics.

As I did my own exercise, the dad and son tandem were also on their in-line blades making the regular rounds around the mall.

After which, we headed to the local beach for my kid's morning swim; we were followed shortly by my parents along with my nephew. So, we simply enjoyed the Sunday cool morning breeze by the seashore while seeing other beach goers. 

Indeed, Get a strike with a fuzzy decorative dice and the day can be all fun and nice. 


Friday, June 18, 2010

Extended Family and More

June is a special month for the ones who would want to get married and when marriages conclude, birth announcements follow.

In the Philippines, extended families are only quite typical as offspring and grandparents along with cousins may practically stay under one roof. This may be quite unusual for other cultures across countries but in the Philippines, this is simply natural and a common way of family bonding to the point that too much dependency can be a family curse already.

Family conflicts usually arise among big families that you may wish you can make family members disappear in a flash.

My house alone is packed with cousin, helpers, parents, siblings and nephews! We can run a basketball team with our number, but, this is a culture we simply adore and love, a true Filipino culture!


Lovely Moment with my Kid

I had this one sentimental moment with my kid as we walked on Isla Jardin del Mar resort in Gumasa, Glan.

My kid and I always walk while holding hands, so, I guess this moment was best captured. Thanks to the daddy who took this shot.


Working on a Weekend

As much as possible I don’t want to work in late afternoons or during weekends, so, I can be with my kid and have a good fun to relax and bond with him. But, unfortunately, my teaching assignment left me with no choice but to accept a subject load scheduled for 3 hours every Saturday. So, I shall definitely miss my kid in the morning; I will just have to find ways to make up to him and rest as much as I can.

Life is indeed harder in the Philippines but I guess this is a global sentiment. I only wish that recession can really take a full swing and that the unemployed and less privileged may have more than enough for a decent living.

Sadly though, the unemployed had increased from 2.8 M to 3.1M since 2009. But, in US Bureau of Labor, there was a 7.3M unemployed in 2009 third quarter alone.

Everyone can only wish that things can get better. As for me, I have to endure the weekend work to make a living.


Filling for More School Stuffs

The first week of new school year is finally done and we are only glad that it is Friday and we can all rest as the weekend kicks in. However, I have to go to school tomorrow to attend to my laboratory class in Operating System.

Some of the kids' school stuffs are already in place while we have to complete some toiletries and budget some bucks for their textbooks to be used this entire school year.

Their classes start around 8 am and ends at 4 pm; they only take their lunch at school to give them time to be on their own and to socialize more with their peers and teachers. They are now at Grade 2 and the subjects are pretty much tougher that I only wish they can make through less the torture and hassle.


Missing our Sibling

We had the chance last summer to have a week – long vacation with my sisters in Manila and the full days were only spent in mall hopping, sightseeing, dining and article writing in between.

Although, my pocket was all drained as I let my kid try practically anything new including bungee jumping and ice skating, snorkeling and fish feeding when we reached Puerto Galera.

But, when my younger sibling and I got home, she quite mopped about missing us and my kid had asked me for a repeat visit! Geez, I must start keeping my loose dimes (if there’s anything left, huh) as a seed money; I guess in one year time, I can save enough to see our sister once again.

However, she has her plans of working abroad, so, perhaps it will be hopping around cities here in the Philippines or finally hitting other countries. I am quite excited but the expected budget seems pretty scary. Hahahhahaha!


Busy Home Again

Last June 15, most of the schools had started their new school year, including my school and the rest of the students at home. With that, we are back to our shrieking morning, buzzing around attend to their meals and all.

Since I have early classes too, I have to skip my daily joggings just to be with my kid and attend to nitty gritty of my morning classes.

I am having trouble though getting used to teaching again especially that I have two new subjects to handle. I wish I can only manage fast enough just like the young ones do although I say they have to adjust on their own with new teachers, subjects and workloads to hurdle with.
Well, I am glad that is school is up again, glad to see students and school fun once more.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Family Shopping and Facebook

Facebook has become our daily routine that starts right after our morning exercise and ends before we go to bed. It has become the source of delight and sometimes, conflict as family and friends bicker and hung around.

We had to comment on my sister's remark if she had to do her work or just do online shopping, and we wisely recommend online shopping as supposed to be her topmost priority. And, we started telling her our shoe sizes, our liking for bags, lingerie and other good stuffs. She can only complain and wish she won't have to leave to have enough bucks to buy what we desire.

But, we quite know that our sister will eventually get what we love, we just have to wait patiently and pray for more gifts!


Stalled Family Trip

My sister shall leave for Singapore this weekend and my husband was supposed to join her but with pending business construction among other things, he decided to reschedule the trip.

My sister can only complain as she will travel alone; she did ask our other sibling to join her but economic resources are limited too.

We can only ask our sister to buy as freebies when she gets back. My oldies would want her to visit us instead.

Perhaps, as soon as we can, we shall go and visit my sister for a long vacation and fun.


Kids: Excited for School

during a school function

Come June 15 and the kids at home shall be on their old uniforms and head to school again. I shall be teaching again this Tuesday.

I am all used to long hours at home that schooling is less inviting. However, the kids are simply too excited that they have their daily countdown. hahhaahhah! We bought few of their things, but we will be needing more, so, this weekend shall be busy days for us as we fill our baskets for more school stuffs.

But, after a week or two in school, our academic drive will kick in again (I hope so!).


Friday, June 4, 2010

Registration of Family Vehicles Again

The thing with vehicle is that you get to go to anywhere you like at anytime. We have the family van and the motorbikes and since almost everyone knows how to drive, the vehicles come very handy.

But, just like most properties, care and responsibilities are there and these include government registration and insurance. We have had our motorbike registered but we still have to find resources for the family van's registration.

The van needs bigger pay and I need cheapest auto insurance to protect us fully.

We have to prioritize first my kid's enrollment, then, we can work on the vehicle registration next. This also means putting off first the trip to Singapore to a later time.

I just hope that the van will get registered in time for rainy seasons these coming months.


Back to Family Exercise Again

When my husband left for a long vacation, I had to go through my regular jogging and taebo alone. I had invited my younger siblings but they would rather sleep and my cousin had a lot of reasons to miss the running track, so, I sweat alone.

But, when my husband returned together with a family friend, we hit the road on bikes and have our morning jogging and taebo.

So, it's nice that the family is back in shape again. I just hope that when classes resume, I can still sustain my exercise regimen everyday.

The nice thing about early exercise is you get to be recharged for the whole day. I don't have to feel all sleepy, or dragging too.

But, when staying late is the problem, I can always be lazy again. hahahhah!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Natal Celebration

with my kid at a very cold spring source of Olaer, General Santos City

with the younger kids at home, hungry from the swim.hahahhah!

Last June 1, I celebrated my birthday and don't ask anymore my age because I stopped counting when my age is past the calendar.

The day was simply filled with food, swimming and movie watching. It was a simple celebration, but, I had great time. We only missed our younger sibling who is in Manila working.

We were too busy having fun that we did not have much picture to boost. hahahhah!