Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Health At Risk

We just started with our store construction today and we expect to have it completed in two weeks  time and my husband and family friend manage the construction. We have two other carpenters at work and may be filling in for two more for the painting works.

After a day's work, they simply complained of headache and body pains because of the wood's dust and strong treatment.

This is indeed the occupational hazard that construction managers and workers take just like when employees are exposed to strong chemical substances like asbestos that may lead to Mesothelioma  and other complications.

Thus, it is quite important that companies must provide  health programs and orientation to make sure that employees are well informed of the potential risks they shall be facing.

We still have 14 days to go for construction to complete, thus, the family can only endure and take remedial measures.



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