Thursday, June 24, 2010

Missing Jogging Again

It has been a week since my last jogging and  I feel so sluggish already that I decided to hit the running track again tomorrow. Since the classes started, I can only jog three times and taebo on weekends and I feel quite guilty because sometimes I simply get too lazy to wake up.

What makes the feeling more stressful is the fact that I simply want to eat more chocolates, ice cream and drink cold sodas. My appetite is killing me that I wish I shall have the energy again to exercise every day. I heard appetite suppressants can be quite effective to contain urges to eat.

Keeping a normal weight is never easy and if money is not an issue, I could have had cosmetic surgeries to correct my flaws. However, I can only afford jogging, taebo and natural remedies to intervene with my weight - loss program. So, at breaking dawn, I shall be on my running shoes again. 



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