Friday, June 18, 2010

Missing our Sibling

We had the chance last summer to have a week – long vacation with my sisters in Manila and the full days were only spent in mall hopping, sightseeing, dining and article writing in between.

Although, my pocket was all drained as I let my kid try practically anything new including bungee jumping and ice skating, snorkeling and fish feeding when we reached Puerto Galera.

But, when my younger sibling and I got home, she quite mopped about missing us and my kid had asked me for a repeat visit! Geez, I must start keeping my loose dimes (if there’s anything left, huh) as a seed money; I guess in one year time, I can save enough to see our sister once again.

However, she has her plans of working abroad, so, perhaps it will be hopping around cities here in the Philippines or finally hitting other countries. I am quite excited but the expected budget seems pretty scary. Hahahhahaha!



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