Thursday, June 24, 2010

We Were Robbed

The day started terribly as we woke up with a bad news that our mountain bike and BMX bike were taken at early dawn.

My mom and our house guest did keep the bike last night, securing it against its place and my other family members stayed at our sala until midnight. My pop had our gate secured, thus, we were all at ease with our sleep.

Thus, when we found all our bikes missing, we went frantic! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! The family had gone around the neighborhood checking if they have spotted our thieves but only to know that they too have had their own share of robbed properties. The family headed to the nearest police station to report the incident and we simply resign to the idea that we won’t be retrieving our bikes back.

This is indeed a terrible lesson learned; we are only glad that my own bike is with my college friend and it’s spared from theft. 



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