Friday, June 18, 2010

Working on a Weekend

As much as possible I don’t want to work in late afternoons or during weekends, so, I can be with my kid and have a good fun to relax and bond with him. But, unfortunately, my teaching assignment left me with no choice but to accept a subject load scheduled for 3 hours every Saturday. So, I shall definitely miss my kid in the morning; I will just have to find ways to make up to him and rest as much as I can.

Life is indeed harder in the Philippines but I guess this is a global sentiment. I only wish that recession can really take a full swing and that the unemployed and less privileged may have more than enough for a decent living.

Sadly though, the unemployed had increased from 2.8 M to 3.1M since 2009. But, in US Bureau of Labor, there was a 7.3M unemployed in 2009 third quarter alone.

Everyone can only wish that things can get better. As for me, I have to endure the weekend work to make a living.



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