Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Need a New Laptop

My notebook is an Eee PC 100 and this has been with since 2009 and I quite used it in my teaching works, blogging, and programming. I quite say I used it up well but along with all these works, I am no exempted from virus and other attacks in spite of the two anti - virus protections of Avira and McAfee. 

With these risks and exposures, my camera is now dead and my mousepad is not functioning like it used to be. I was advised that I should reformat my notebook but I am all worried because of my programming works and software where installers are not anymore available. This is simply an unwanted burden and costs I am not ready to attend to.  I don't have any  laptop insurance  and it would have been very good and efficient if the insurance can cover the repair or replacement, then, my wallet and head can be hassle - free. 

Risks are always around and laptops or desktops are not excused from any of these threats but having an affordable insurance can save you from any further trouble. Being a proactive owner can mean a big thing when problems arise.


Thank God, No School Assignments Anymore

The kids at home used to bring a lot of stuffs including their 9 books with art envenlope and a dozen of notebooks. We can  only pity our one small - frame nephew who have to bring his humungous back pack  everyday to and fro school. 

But, what was more irritating is the fact that we have to answer assignments practically every night. I find these quite draining already as the kids and us have to answer even at late night. Good thing though that during their last faculty-parents' meeting, they had insisted that assignments shall be  not pursued anymore.

And, this reminded me that Department of Education previously mandated schools not to allow bringing of assignments to give the kids time to rest; and we can only be happier that this is imposed again.  


Tips to Mountain Climb with Children

The family would want to join a fun climb to Tupi, a remote rural town in South COtabato and is enriched with fine tribes of B’laan and sanctuary to some Philippine’s rare animals, the tarsiers. We were supposed to meet at early dawn and walk our way to the sanctuary and the seven falls and camp out. We would want to stay overnight, but, with a store to attend to, we decided to come down in the late afternoon.

My kid shares our passion to go mountain climbing and to make it less cumbersome for us and less boring for him, we make sure that we bring his basic essentials.

If you plan to go a climb and wish to bring your kid(s), you may implore the following tips to make your climb more enjoyable:

1. Explain to your kids the value of nature trekking and how they can take part in preserving it. This way, they can better appreciate the climb;

2. Let them wear climbing shoes; stiff or long walks can indeed be hell on those little feet;
3. Go for easy trail walks; Climb with kids must be first and foremost, fun. A stiff climb can be quite draining and difficult for the little ones;
4. Bring first aid kits to include repellent, bite aids, bandages, poison aid among others;
5. Make sure to inform your family or friends of your trekking plans;
6. Bring a climb guide if you are not familiar with the trail;
7. Be oriented with warning signs to make the climb less accident – prone;
8. Protect yourself and your kids from sun and/or rain;
9. Supply enough food for the entire duration and light add-on supply.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family on Line

Internet technology in the Philippines is so overwhelming that an ad of a Grandma into Counterstrike game was run and had taken a positive impression of how technology consumes most Filipinos from different ages. On top of that, social networks like Facebook or Twitter links practically everyone and with these, we can practically use different media including jeux à télécharger or  plays to be downloaded.

With different interests being pursued online, production vidéo collectivité or video production community  is also around to help entities and individuals use videos for advertisement or otherwise.   You can cours de maths or run of maths  to know that video Internet is simply the hype now.



Cousin Brothers

my kid with my nephew

We have moved  with our parents after leaving our old home temporarily and this means occupying my old bedroom while sharing everything with the rest of the family. 

However, since my kid is almost of the same age with my nephew, he stays in the school at the same grade, so, practically they are  housemates, classmates and like brothers to one another.  My nephew calls me Mommy along with the youngest bugger at home; I guess motherhood is not just by blood or affinity, huh, but by preference too. LOL!

So, whenever I buy something for my kid, I make sure that I buy more for my other nephews.


Family Health, A Priority

No sane individuals would want to have a sick or dead loved one, thus, as much as possible, we want to make sure that our loved one get sufficient nutrients and protection against harm, illnesses or accidents. 

With this notion, as much as possible I bring my family for a morning walk or jog. This will help us all protect ourselves from illnesses like stroke, colds, osteoporosis, obesity among others.  Once in awhile, they can join me in my jogging but most of the time, they give a pass. 

Keeping your weights downs is quite important; it can mean through having a lean but healthy diet, good lifesytle, and exercise that includes lower ab workout

We can only be proactive when it comes to protecting our loved ones and care is never enough when it means health is at risk.


How to Cultivate Affection Among Kids

Showing affection to others may be easy while harder for some; We were raised in a family where affection is not greatly shown. In fact, in the old times, we find it harder to hug or kiss our parents or siblings in special occasions or to even say loving words. Geez! They gave creeps. But, just like experts say, most individuals simply employ what their families teach them. 

Thus, now that I have my own kid, we make sure that he knows he is well loved through words and other affectionate actions like hugs and kisses in any moment and place possible.  And, we seem to be on the right track because his hugging or saying "I Love You" seem easy to do. 

We only wish that he too when he grows up can show openly his affection to his loved ones including his possible wife and kids and with that he can grow confident of himself and positive with his relationship with others. 


Family on Movie Marathon

Movie viewing is a typical recreation for the entire family and whenever there are movies for the kids that are also suitable for us, we end up in our sala, watching the movies all together.  And, I enjoy it more when we have our junk foods and I have my foot massage. Simply, the moment is beyond sweet!

As I type, we are watching Transformers 2  and although we watched this film in the big screen, we are consuming our evening with a repeat movie but we can't complain though. It is weekend now and we can only enjoy our free moments all together.  We were just done with 2 movies and we have a few more to fill our Sunday. 

Regardless of how a family spend their time together, the bottomline is always about enjoy each loving moment with everyone else.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Wanted: Kids' Raincoat

It has been on - and - off  rain and sun here in the Philippines and since it is in the middle of the year, the kids and I are back to our  school time.


We have our family service alright except now that the family van is dead and requires immediate repair.  However, the extreme weather  consumes us all that we just endured colds and flu. My own kid had to be absent from school because of high fever. 

I have been searching for the kids' raincoats but my own kid's big size restricts my  search. A search for clothing for big kids  can really be a burdensome effort and can require a more pricey pay. With this tight economy, it is only smarter to go for closeout clothing  that can serve everyone else in the family and simply can fit within a limited budget.

For now, I have to search in other outlets for handy but sturdy raincoats to protect the little ones.


How to Make Traveling with Kids Less Stressful

with my kid heading to Samal Islands, Philippines

My kid and I have been traveling much from Mindanao to Luzon and he has his own fair share of traveling my air, land or sea. 

It is never easy to travel with kids knowing that they can just be impatient, and get tired so easily. I am only grateful that during his entire time as a kid, he never really throw any  tantrum or fit most especially during travel. 

To make your travel less stress, you can try my travel tips:

1.  Plan out the essentials that need to be carried especially the stuffs (including comfort toys) of your kid;

2.  Carry first aid kit. It is always handy when accidents like cuts, bites or burns may occur.

3.  Keep a separate bag for your kids' things so you can easily access their things.

4.  Plan your trip well with due consideration on what your kid must go through. If your kid gets dizzy with the ferry, an anti - dizziness for kid medicine can be consulted with his pediatrician. If he gets uncomfortable with closed tight - buses, a hired vehicle can be a better option.

5.  Orient your kid with your travel IT. This will help your kid condition his mind that fun is still possible even if you are to travel around. 

6.  Engage your kid in a game or conversation, so, he won't be easily bored. 


The Surreal Test

You Are Cheerful

You are a friendly and welcoming person. You know how to make the best of a bad situation.

You tend to think most about the world. You always see things on a global scale.

You are open minded and tolerant. You believe strongly that people should be allowed to do their thing.

You have the most fun when things are easy for you. You like to relax totally and completely.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Exercise: Enjoying the Heat

Our family exercises include jogging, biking and swimming but when we were robbed of our bikes, we are left to walking and swimming. It was quite a disappointment that two of these bikes were stolen from our own backyard while the entire family was dozing in sleep.

I do my daily jogs but after school classes consume our weekdays, I am left to doing my runs every other day. Staying in shape is no easy  task, but, I quite know that health benefits are there why I should exercise. For one, I don't experience back pains anymore and stress drains. 

Doctors generally agree that exercise must complement diet and lifestyle for healthy and longer living not to mention that looking good quite affects self - esteem too. There are different ways to cut back the weights including cosmetic surgery, pills and best fat burning exercise  that prove to be safe and effective.

My running shoes are still kept hidden but as soon as my colds subsides, I shall hit the running tracks again. 


My Kayak Kid

My kid has his own passion for anything new and that includes anything moving, jumping or rolling. hahahhahaha! His latest attempt was the kayak we rented in Isla Jardin, Gumasa, Glan.

He did row the little boat and was later helped by our family friend to head to a floating cottage and did his open swim. tsk! tsk! tsk!

We can only contain his fun when we had to call him to head home already. We shall however try to visit the place again for longer adventure. Perhaps, we can try the ski boats. Yikes!


How to Teach Kids How To Write

My very own kid does not want to write, in fact, his old writings seemed to be scribbles of a preschoolers. But, like everyone else, writing is a skill that requires regular and consistent practice. He is now in second grade and comparing his writing strokes now and of before, a difference can be distinguished. But, to compare his works from his cousin, he still requires dozens of strokes.

Nevertheless, how can you actually convince your kid to write; you can try these tips:

  1. Let him write regularly from few lines and increase these gradually;
  2. Let him write from his favorite story books and encourage him to read as well;
  3. Encourage other finger strokes like drawing or coloring to improve his finger grips and control;
  4. Take periodic rests between practices. You don't want your kid to spoil your purpose of fun learning.
  5. More importantly, be patient with his pacing because regular practice and self - motivation will eventually lead to valuable results. 


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Family Health at Risk

With the nasty weather shifting from rain to sun  practically everyday, we can only complain as our immunity gets compromised. Five of my household members including myself are sick due to flu and colds. My kid had to miss two days of school due to high fever and lost appetite.  And, since I don't feel well, I miss my weekend taebo and don't have the energy to move around or work on my school loads.  

At this nasty  season, it only pays well when we have healthy lifestyle and diet and consider health supplements to prevent and correct obesity, heart diseases, strokes among others. Reviews from experts and legitimate sources like Lipofuze  can be quite helpful.

When countless families endure the impacts of  economic crisis, health problems are the least in their concerns. 


Great Values from Toy Story 3

Whenever we can, we try to view movies for kids to at least be happy at heart and bond with the kids. Normally, I highlight the lessons to my kid as we view the films and  I quite hope that he understands the moral lessons.

But, seldom that as an adult, I get moppy with children's films which include Open Season, Ice Age, The Barn, Wall-e and Toy Story sequels. 

The last rendition of Toy Story was quite lovely that my husband  and I got all teary - eyed at the end of the film. It quite highlighted fundamental but less - valued points: friendship, family, loyalty, letting go and moving on. 

I highly recommend this film and simply best for everyone else, youngsters or adults. We can never be too old when friendship and family matter.


Great Hope Among Filipino Families

Last June 30, the entire nation of Philippines awaited the inauguration of the 15th president, Benigno Aquino III. And, although his speech was not far different from the previous presidents' speeches, he brought forth great hope among millions of Filipinos including international dignataries. 

I had not caught the entire speech but I quite like the following highlights:

  • The Filipino people as his boss and that he must LISTEN to them.
  • Strengthen further the AFP, teachers, and other less paid workers
  • Strengthen  the economy so families and OFW wont have to leave their loved ones behind.
  • Leadership by example that  integrity, service and commitment shall stem down from his position.
  • Reconciliation but justice to the oppressed.
  • No abuse of power including  Kutong, Wang-Wang.
  • Reviews of midnight appointments, bloated government and non-qualified officials.
  • Probing on the scandals where the previous administration was allegedly involved. 

For full visual speech, go check these video clips from Youtube. 


Missing our Family Recreations

Since the start of school, we rarely go to our local beach for early swims  making me miss my daily jogs. Now, I can only jog every other day and if I have school things to do, I can only skip my jogs more.

But, we miss more from this recreational fun when  two of our bikes were stolen from our very home. We simply woke up with only footmarks of the thieves on our gate.  We quite used our bikes to run errands and to exercise but with their losses, we can only endure. 

Consequently, whenever we need to relax and have fun, we are left with limited choices which include local shows  on TV on wide tv stands  with movie players and fun shows from online sites.

We are all quite busy attending to  school works and running our stores and we can only have early evenings and weekend to relax and have fun.  We may not be able to have our bikes back but we quite hope that we can have other recreational activities to re-energize.


Family Living on Boats

The Filipino Muslim group earning a living through

sea diving and entrepreneurship

Once you visit the sea port waters of Zambaoanga City, you will be amazed to see these little boats selling coral reefs, hand crafts, and penny diving. 

Badjaos are known to be living by their house - boats but with cross - cultures, I can't accurately say that these folks are all Badjaos. But, what indeed  makes this unique living astonishing is the fact that kids as young as babies are thrown to the seas to make them learn how to swim. That indeed can be quite barbaric but for them, it's part of their  unique culture.

So, the next time you see these small boats, throw a penny or two, and you will only see great dives and big smiles.


Taking Natural Supplements

 My parents are almost at their senior citizen’s age and we are only glad that they are healthy and away from illness. Their weights are within normal range and they keep their works as their form of exercise. My mom runs our furniture business, transacts with her clients, and sometimes attends to carpentry works herself. She can only complain of her high blood pressure whenever she is too stressed out or has taken much of the sin food (roasted pork, heavy meat and durian among others). My pop on the other hand suffers from occasional pain from his leg accident and sleep disorders.

I can only tell them to do exercise, watch their diet and take vitamins including garlic supplements.  Studies show that they are good in preventing colds and flu, and hypertension among others. Since it's a natural supplement, I am only happier that they are taking  it regularly. 

I think there's a saying that one must take care of people below 10 and higher than 60 because they have special needs; I am only happy to oblige. 


Families Wanting for More Income

It is not limited to Filipino  families that we yearn for income or even supplemental income to augment job compensation. The economic crisis continues to affect adversely companies across nations making unemployment a continued problem. 

In my country, one job is not at all enough that most families would rather work abroad leaving their loved ones behind just to earn much. It is not even wiser that only one parent work since daily expenses can be more than one can handle. Thus, it is not even surprising that more and more students continue to drop from schools, or crime rates continue to accelerate just to make through. 

With this quite alarming social and economic crises, we can only be resourceful to find means to earn more and this includes earning online through blogs, ads, or best affiliate programs  that prove to bring added revenues.

We can only wish that this economic crisis will eventually disappear and that the entire economy can fully recover otherwise millions of families will continue to endure.


Encouraging Oral Health among Kids

Children and a good number of adults simply love to munch sweet goodies; I am guilty of this myself. But, just like any dental and oral expert, oral health is a personal responsibility and although I partly blame my folks for not restricting us on cadies and other goodies making our teeth less intact, I can only blame myself more.

Three of my siblings have their front teeth supported with dentures while I use orthodontics to correct the front gaps due to missed molars. So, parents truly influence their offspring common habits, thus, now that I have my own kid, I make sure that he brushes his teeth and that I bring him to his dentist whenever I can ( every six months is ideal). So, his teeth are all nice with few permanent teeth already appearing. However, I still have to set a dental appointment for him as one tooth is inflicted with cavity; the sealants must have worn out.

Bringing your kid as young as 1 year old to a sensitive and compassionate pediatric dentist can make the dental visit more pleasant and exciting; my own kid is always excited to see his dentist and this is quite different with my own childhood experience where the only time I had to see the dentist was for extraction. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Consequently, dental anxiety impedes the required periodic dental check-up. It pays to be proactive with our health including our choppers’ state. 


Our Nasty Bugger

our little devil (the smile alone can deceive you)


Our newest family member is almost two years old and although he cant clearly speak out the words, he makes sure that we pretty understand him through his wails, screams and tags.

But, unlike his older cousins, he spends a good time watching the big tube and copycats practically everything. His present show – off is the Rexona dance in WoWowee noontime show. Along with this, he simply loves to box and kick (he sees it from me doing taebo exercise), and dance hip hop with head on the floor and raised legs. LOL!

We are quite overwhelmed with this little bugger that in spite of his persistent and sometimes wacky behavior, we simply adore him. He is quite a sweet and nasty entertainer who never ceases to put a good smile on us especially my parents.


Friday, July 2, 2010

We Need a Break

It has only been two weeks since the official start of classes although I have a week’s vacation to Manila and Puerto Galera, I seemed not to have enough rejuvenating time. I spent my two – month summer on writing countless articles seven days a week for 15 – 20 hours a day. Sigh!

Now that I am back to teaching with 15 hours of workload per week, I can only yearn for a long break again. I remember that my kid would want us to visit Puerto Galera again although I wish we can try Orlando vacation   for more fun and excitement. I can have this realized if I can start saving now and work harder to earn more.

It is always nice to have a break once in awhile to get recharged and ready again for life’s works.


Family Getting Sick Again

We had been clamoring for rain since January 2010 and with the pressing impact of El Nino, our water supply was severely drained causing serious power cut and interruption practically every day up to this date.

Although El Nina takes its toll, we still have our occasional warm days with random rains in between compromising our immunity against colds and flu. My kid was high in fever 2 days ago that we asked him to miss school for two days and I quite got contaminated. Now, I have a painful sore throat and dizzy head but I have to go to school and teach.

I only hope that we can recuperate very soon and get back to our usual routine. 


How to Attend to School Kids Effectively

Having a school kid is not without difficulty; and since I work and attend to business at the same time, I only attend to my kid late in the afternoon after his class time. Normally, I check with him and his cousin their assignments and work on these after our dinner. I send him to bed around 9 pm, so, he can wake at 630 am in time for his 8am class.

It quite helps if all the things a student needs are already ready for his next day’s school time, that way, you don’t want to get all wacky and frantic in the morning when everyone else is busy for school and store.

Also, the family agrees dividing our tasks to attend to the kids and their needs. Only after they have left for school that we get to do what we personally must do.