Saturday, July 3, 2010

Encouraging Oral Health among Kids

Children and a good number of adults simply love to munch sweet goodies; I am guilty of this myself. But, just like any dental and oral expert, oral health is a personal responsibility and although I partly blame my folks for not restricting us on cadies and other goodies making our teeth less intact, I can only blame myself more.

Three of my siblings have their front teeth supported with dentures while I use orthodontics to correct the front gaps due to missed molars. So, parents truly influence their offspring common habits, thus, now that I have my own kid, I make sure that he brushes his teeth and that I bring him to his dentist whenever I can ( every six months is ideal). So, his teeth are all nice with few permanent teeth already appearing. However, I still have to set a dental appointment for him as one tooth is inflicted with cavity; the sealants must have worn out.

Bringing your kid as young as 1 year old to a sensitive and compassionate pediatric dentist can make the dental visit more pleasant and exciting; my own kid is always excited to see his dentist and this is quite different with my own childhood experience where the only time I had to see the dentist was for extraction. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Consequently, dental anxiety impedes the required periodic dental check-up. It pays to be proactive with our health including our choppers’ state. 



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