Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Exercise: Enjoying the Heat

Our family exercises include jogging, biking and swimming but when we were robbed of our bikes, we are left to walking and swimming. It was quite a disappointment that two of these bikes were stolen from our own backyard while the entire family was dozing in sleep.

I do my daily jogs but after school classes consume our weekdays, I am left to doing my runs every other day. Staying in shape is no easy  task, but, I quite know that health benefits are there why I should exercise. For one, I don't experience back pains anymore and stress drains. 

Doctors generally agree that exercise must complement diet and lifestyle for healthy and longer living not to mention that looking good quite affects self - esteem too. There are different ways to cut back the weights including cosmetic surgery, pills and best fat burning exercise  that prove to be safe and effective.

My running shoes are still kept hidden but as soon as my colds subsides, I shall hit the running tracks again. 



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