Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Hope Among Filipino Families

Last June 30, the entire nation of Philippines awaited the inauguration of the 15th president, Benigno Aquino III. And, although his speech was not far different from the previous presidents' speeches, he brought forth great hope among millions of Filipinos including international dignataries. 

I had not caught the entire speech but I quite like the following highlights:

  • The Filipino people as his boss and that he must LISTEN to them.
  • Strengthen further the AFP, teachers, and other less paid workers
  • Strengthen  the economy so families and OFW wont have to leave their loved ones behind.
  • Leadership by example that  integrity, service and commitment shall stem down from his position.
  • Reconciliation but justice to the oppressed.
  • No abuse of power including  Kutong, Wang-Wang.
  • Reviews of midnight appointments, bloated government and non-qualified officials.
  • Probing on the scandals where the previous administration was allegedly involved. 

For full visual speech, go check these video clips from Youtube. 



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