Saturday, July 3, 2010

Great Values from Toy Story 3

Whenever we can, we try to view movies for kids to at least be happy at heart and bond with the kids. Normally, I highlight the lessons to my kid as we view the films and  I quite hope that he understands the moral lessons.

But, seldom that as an adult, I get moppy with children's films which include Open Season, Ice Age, The Barn, Wall-e and Toy Story sequels. 

The last rendition of Toy Story was quite lovely that my husband  and I got all teary - eyed at the end of the film. It quite highlighted fundamental but less - valued points: friendship, family, loyalty, letting go and moving on. 

I highly recommend this film and simply best for everyone else, youngsters or adults. We can never be too old when friendship and family matter.



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