Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Cultivate Affection Among Kids

Showing affection to others may be easy while harder for some; We were raised in a family where affection is not greatly shown. In fact, in the old times, we find it harder to hug or kiss our parents or siblings in special occasions or to even say loving words. Geez! They gave creeps. But, just like experts say, most individuals simply employ what their families teach them. 

Thus, now that I have my own kid, we make sure that he knows he is well loved through words and other affectionate actions like hugs and kisses in any moment and place possible.  And, we seem to be on the right track because his hugging or saying "I Love You" seem easy to do. 

We only wish that he too when he grows up can show openly his affection to his loved ones including his possible wife and kids and with that he can grow confident of himself and positive with his relationship with others. 



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