Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to Teach Kids How To Write

My very own kid does not want to write, in fact, his old writings seemed to be scribbles of a preschoolers. But, like everyone else, writing is a skill that requires regular and consistent practice. He is now in second grade and comparing his writing strokes now and of before, a difference can be distinguished. But, to compare his works from his cousin, he still requires dozens of strokes.

Nevertheless, how can you actually convince your kid to write; you can try these tips:

  1. Let him write regularly from few lines and increase these gradually;
  2. Let him write from his favorite story books and encourage him to read as well;
  3. Encourage other finger strokes like drawing or coloring to improve his finger grips and control;
  4. Take periodic rests between practices. You don't want your kid to spoil your purpose of fun learning.
  5. More importantly, be patient with his pacing because regular practice and self - motivation will eventually lead to valuable results. 



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