Saturday, July 3, 2010

Missing our Family Recreations

Since the start of school, we rarely go to our local beach for early swims  making me miss my daily jogs. Now, I can only jog every other day and if I have school things to do, I can only skip my jogs more.

But, we miss more from this recreational fun when  two of our bikes were stolen from our very home. We simply woke up with only footmarks of the thieves on our gate.  We quite used our bikes to run errands and to exercise but with their losses, we can only endure. 

Consequently, whenever we need to relax and have fun, we are left with limited choices which include local shows  on TV on wide tv stands  with movie players and fun shows from online sites.

We are all quite busy attending to  school works and running our stores and we can only have early evenings and weekend to relax and have fun.  We may not be able to have our bikes back but we quite hope that we can have other recreational activities to re-energize.



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