Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Nasty Bugger

our little devil (the smile alone can deceive you)


Our newest family member is almost two years old and although he cant clearly speak out the words, he makes sure that we pretty understand him through his wails, screams and tags.

But, unlike his older cousins, he spends a good time watching the big tube and copycats practically everything. His present show – off is the Rexona dance in WoWowee noontime show. Along with this, he simply loves to box and kick (he sees it from me doing taebo exercise), and dance hip hop with head on the floor and raised legs. LOL!

We are quite overwhelmed with this little bugger that in spite of his persistent and sometimes wacky behavior, we simply adore him. He is quite a sweet and nasty entertainer who never ceases to put a good smile on us especially my parents.



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