Saturday, July 3, 2010

Taking Natural Supplements

 My parents are almost at their senior citizen’s age and we are only glad that they are healthy and away from illness. Their weights are within normal range and they keep their works as their form of exercise. My mom runs our furniture business, transacts with her clients, and sometimes attends to carpentry works herself. She can only complain of her high blood pressure whenever she is too stressed out or has taken much of the sin food (roasted pork, heavy meat and durian among others). My pop on the other hand suffers from occasional pain from his leg accident and sleep disorders.

I can only tell them to do exercise, watch their diet and take vitamins including garlic supplements.  Studies show that they are good in preventing colds and flu, and hypertension among others. Since it's a natural supplement, I am only happier that they are taking  it regularly. 

I think there's a saying that one must take care of people below 10 and higher than 60 because they have special needs; I am only happy to oblige. 



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