Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tips to Mountain Climb with Children

The family would want to join a fun climb to Tupi, a remote rural town in South COtabato and is enriched with fine tribes of B’laan and sanctuary to some Philippine’s rare animals, the tarsiers. We were supposed to meet at early dawn and walk our way to the sanctuary and the seven falls and camp out. We would want to stay overnight, but, with a store to attend to, we decided to come down in the late afternoon.

My kid shares our passion to go mountain climbing and to make it less cumbersome for us and less boring for him, we make sure that we bring his basic essentials.

If you plan to go a climb and wish to bring your kid(s), you may implore the following tips to make your climb more enjoyable:

1. Explain to your kids the value of nature trekking and how they can take part in preserving it. This way, they can better appreciate the climb;

2. Let them wear climbing shoes; stiff or long walks can indeed be hell on those little feet;
3. Go for easy trail walks; Climb with kids must be first and foremost, fun. A stiff climb can be quite draining and difficult for the little ones;
4. Bring first aid kits to include repellent, bite aids, bandages, poison aid among others;
5. Make sure to inform your family or friends of your trekking plans;
6. Bring a climb guide if you are not familiar with the trail;
7. Be oriented with warning signs to make the climb less accident – prone;
8. Protect yourself and your kids from sun and/or rain;
9. Supply enough food for the entire duration and light add-on supply.



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