Friday, July 9, 2010

Wanted: Kids' Raincoat

It has been on - and - off  rain and sun here in the Philippines and since it is in the middle of the year, the kids and I are back to our  school time.


We have our family service alright except now that the family van is dead and requires immediate repair.  However, the extreme weather  consumes us all that we just endured colds and flu. My own kid had to be absent from school because of high fever. 

I have been searching for the kids' raincoats but my own kid's big size restricts my  search. A search for clothing for big kids  can really be a burdensome effort and can require a more pricey pay. With this tight economy, it is only smarter to go for closeout clothing  that can serve everyone else in the family and simply can fit within a limited budget.

For now, I have to search in other outlets for handy but sturdy raincoats to protect the little ones.



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