Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Need a New Laptop

My notebook is an Eee PC 100 and this has been with since 2009 and I quite used it in my teaching works, blogging, and programming. I quite say I used it up well but along with all these works, I am no exempted from virus and other attacks in spite of the two anti - virus protections of Avira and McAfee. 

With these risks and exposures, my camera is now dead and my mousepad is not functioning like it used to be. I was advised that I should reformat my notebook but I am all worried because of my programming works and software where installers are not anymore available. This is simply an unwanted burden and costs I am not ready to attend to.  I don't have any  laptop insurance  and it would have been very good and efficient if the insurance can cover the repair or replacement, then, my wallet and head can be hassle - free. 

Risks are always around and laptops or desktops are not excused from any of these threats but having an affordable insurance can save you from any further trouble. Being a proactive owner can mean a big thing when problems arise.



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