Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Benefits of Family Recreation

It is more fun to play and rest with friends and loved ones; my family used to do biking and walking every Sunday but with the busy time in school and business, we can only delay our regular exercises. 

But, whenever we can, we watch movies together or dine in a special resto bar just to relax and bond together. With this bonding time, we get to talk openly issues in the family, work or business and with that, we make sure that whatever decision we make, we will be getting the support of everyone. 

Normally, we get to share stuffs too including  home entertainment gadgets like PSP, XBOX, and WII and some Amazon books    to boost. 

We may have busy and active personal lives but whenever we can, we dine and watch movies together every night.  Family recreations need not to be grand and expensive,  a little quality time with loved ones counts more than anything else. 


Family Trip to Hongkong

My sister in Manila just informed my parents that she purchased travel tickets to Hongkong this November and since I have been wanting to go to shopping countries to buy stocks for the stores, I asked my sister to include me in their trip.

When we get home, my pop, however, complained that he would rather stay behind thinking that they have no other companions to join them. Well, we can only enjoy his relief when we told him that I will be coming with them. 

Geez, I have to save bucks now for my pocket money. tsk ! tsk ! tsk! I hope I can really do this before the trip.  I wish that another trip can be made for the entire family next summer.


Benefits of Philippine Senior Citizens under the Expanded Act

My  pop just turned 60 years old and it quite overwhelms him since he is way older but enjoys now the benefits of being a senior citizen.

So, with this new transition in his life, I am featuring the benefits of Senior Citizens under the The Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010 that lists the benefits and privileges not included in the Senior Citizens Act of 1992 (Republic Act No. 7432).

Here is the excerpt taken from

  • A 20-percent discount and exemption from the value-added tax on the sale of goods and services (medicines, medical and dental fees, transport fares, services in hotels and restaurants, admission fees in theaters and other places of leisure)

    In case of discount promos, the senior citizens shall avail themselves of either the promotional discount or the 20-percent discount, whichever is higher.

    • Mandatory PhilHealth coverage

    Free medical and dental service, diagnostic and laboratory fees in all government facilities

    • A monthly stipend of P500

    For indigents, a P1,500-monthly stipend and free vaccination against the influenza virus and pneumococcal disease

    • A five-percent discount on water bills (if consumption is less than 30 cubic meters a month) and electric bills (if consumption is less than 100 kilowatt-hours)

    • Educational assistance for those who shall meet school admission requirements

Also, in the event that the senior citizen dies, the nearest relative  shall receive an assistance of Php 2,000.00. Also, hospitals, national and local government units are also mandated to have health programs for the elders. 

With these benefits, senior citizens may get to enjoy their retirement. In my pop's case, we wish he can enjoy the leisure of being an elderly (although it makes him grumble when he is called as one. hahhahah).

For more details on Senior Citizens, click on


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wanted: Home Improvements

With the changing climate and seasonal health issues like flu and colds, it is not unusual  that most people get sick or irritated because of the damp weather.  Worse, allergies are triggered with the weather shifts; we personally wish we can get dehumidifier  to breathe cleaner air.

Somehow, it helps to let the windows open once in a while to let the damp air clear the place and when allergies fill the house, it is only wiser to remove the cause of these allergies. These may include dust, pollens, pet's hairs, food among others. 

So, if the house does not let in much fresher air, a renovation can be a viable option.  A consultation with a home improvement  expert, an interior designer or architect can further help you make better designs. 


How the Hostage of Hongkong Nationals Wronged Aggrieved Countries

August 23, 2010 was a difficult day for Filipinos and Hongkong locals as we, along with the entire world, witnessed the saddening and frustrating aftermath of the hostage done by Capt. Rolando Mendoza that led to 8 deaths including Capt. Mendoza with 9 others injured.

The crisis brought several angry feedbacks and criticism by how Filipinos old-fashion police trainings and tactics had further aggravated the condition with unrestrained media coverage which gave Capt. Mendoza a bird's eyeview of his surroundings. 

Personally, I only see everyone, particularly the tourists and the perpetrator himself as victims of  Filipino culture and tradition. As a former honored military official, I could quite believe that undue process was given upon him and other colleagues who were sanctioned for misconduct leading to their dismissals and without benefits.  This is one of the legal cases where verdicts seem unfair and uncalled for leading for "heroes" to be villains.

And, I feel quite sorry that holidaymakers had to end their vacations in a terrible way. And, all these tragic moments were aired worldwide, and Philippines is more criticized that for one, our Hongkong OFW's are now threatened. 

With the  pointing - finger blame, the government  now is in true search why Capt Mendoza ended his hostage in a bloody way. I quite hope that everyone else who is responsible for the crazy moves of Capt Mendoza shall greatly suffer too. 


Siblings on Business Trips

My sisters and I have long wanted to start our own business and when we all pooled our resources to start the boutique, we can only maximize our time to fill it with attending to our store and buying new stocks, not to mention manning stall exhibits. 

Now, that we have relocated to a mall space, we have to buy new  items at least twice a month. And, whenever my sibling is free, she joins me in my buying while my other sister joins me in my out-of-town trips.  With a companion, at least, the trip is not boring at all and we can find better and beautiful stocks to fill the store. 

My next trip shall be in October, and I shall soon meet my sister; we can only be excited and hope that we have more than enough resources to find new stocks in time for December.


Graduates’ Job Hunting

The semester is almost over and normally, there are graduates this coming October  who shall also earn their academic diploma at the end of first semester and while they, along with their parents, are hopeful to get a job, local employment opportunities can be quite limited.

Thus, it is also helpful if job seekers can also check online employment sites like medical job sites for added search medium.

While job opportunities are dependent on present economic conditions, it is equally important that job seekers have the sufficient skills to meet the job requirements. Thus, harnessing their soft and technical skills will give them the edge.


Dogs in the Family

our Asha, chow breed, with my kid

Our younger sibling decided to relocate and move from her old house and live together with her old – school friend and with these changes, she asked our other sister to attend to her pair of chow – chow breed dogs. The transport from Manila to Gensan was only quite expensive and difficult as the dogs adjust to the change.

We had our prior difficulty in taking care of them, particularly, the male dog as he is way too cranky unlike the female one who is friendlier.

The kids indeed love to play with them a lot; but, we can only restrain the visits since the travel can be quite difficult.


How to Limit Technology Addiction

My kid likes to play with his gadgets a lot and since he goes to school on regular weekdays, we can only limit his playing time.

In the old days, we allowed him to play before and after classes, but, it got him all cranky and lazy to move around and he paid less attention on his studies forcing us to limit his playing. Thus, his schedule is limited to Friday late afternoon and weekend only after all reviews or assignments have been made. So, to make his time more entertaining, he plays with his cousins, reads books or watches his favorites movies. 

For his age, we can only reward him for his school efforts and punish him whenever his actions resulted to something bad.

It is only harder for us to explain the need for this discipline when his other classmates bring their gadgets with them even during school time. I can only explain that their school performance is not at all affected by his playing. Thus, if his grades can still be better, then, we can reward the same playing time too.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Needing a New Desktop Computer

We have moved our desktop computer back to our home since it was heavily used in our old store. We quite used to have it for our movie marathon but for some reasons, the computer keeps on shutting down after few hours of use. When we checked its hardware setting, a low power source marks the problem. 

So, we quite need a new desktop computer and reading from reliable   desktop computer reviews  can be quite a help.  We wish to have a DELL  desktop PC or an ACER  Personal Computer which my sister can also use.   We don't mind paying extra for something that is durable.  A handy computer can be quite a help especially for the kids' school research and if in case, we need it for our store's POS system, we can be assured that it won't fail in the middle of any store transaction.

We must place our search and order soon, so, we  can buy it when we have the resources again. 


How To Protect Your Precious Clothes

I make sure that I washed  all my office and outdoor clothes to make sure that I could separate the clothes that fade in colors and that I can be quite delicate in washing stuffs with beads or special prints. 

There are indeed washing machines with special setting to attend to different laundry requirements of your clothes. Thus, a little know - how of these clothes and their laundry needs can help you protect your clothes, their color and texture for a much longer period of time. 

But, if in case you don't have time, bringing your clothes to a laundry shop can save you the trouble.


Family Helper Reinstalled

In my previous post here, our helpers decided to leave us after a year or so of stay. We quite endured the one week of no helper that  we attended to house chores on our own. Good thing thing though that our cousins help us especially attending to our nephew.

But, after a week, our former helper decided to come back and join us again. Well, we only welcomed her provided that she won't be bringing her ingrata relative.

So, with added help, we can somehow go back to our old routine and attend  to more important stuffs. 



Wanting to Travel Again

Since the start of classes and store opening, we have been quite busy and overwhelmed with a lot of works and papers. The kids for instance just had their period exams and while I am done with my prelims' grades, midterm works again consume the days.

We wish to travel again to Manila on business and pleasures; I just hope I can bring my other essentials including beauty stuffs, emergency  led flashlights , enough clothes and my notebook for my online writings and visits. 


Now, that my sister has relocated, I just don't know if we can still stay with her during the trip.


Bugger Loved

Just found this pic of my kid and I cant help but feel pride and love for this little bugger. Isn't he cute?!


Missing My Family Exercise

Preparing for our in-line blades

with my kid on his bike as I do my jogging

Because of busy and rainy day, I have been missing our morning exercise and I feel quite guilty since I could not even budge an inch and move to hit my running tracks.

I only hope that I can soon be on my running shoes and bring my family again.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Protect Your Family

We don't want our family to get sick or harmed but sometimes, the inevitable happen at the most unexpected moment and we can only be proactive about our family's welfare.

Normally, in the Philippines, we live in an extended family and as part of our culture, we usually say, "INGAT"  or take care to our loved ones and family whenever they leave the house. But, accidents and sickness can inflict anyone even with extreme care, thus, protections like  Blue Cross Blue Shield NC    can quite help you get your peace of mind and the financial support you need just in case cloudy days are over your head. 

At this harder economy, insurance may seem to be an unwanted cost, but, this becomes more than handy when you or your loved ones are in dire condition. 


Wanting a Family Vacation

Cebu Pacific constantly provides promo fares for all Filipinos and we wanted to go to shopping countries like Hongkong, Bangkok, or Malaysia when Cebu Pacific announced a 3-day sale of 88.00 only for domestic flights and 888.00 for international trips to schedule withing June 1 - August 31, 2011.

However, with a very short time to reserve, all the slots for the promo fares are sold out. My sister, however, wanted to have a family trip to Macau and with broken trip dates, we found it quite difficult to schedule. 

Finally, we gave up and simply wanted to wait for the next promo. We shall then keep abreast of these promo updates and we quite hope, we will be much faster in securing our seats.


Busy Family Here

Since we started with our  boutique, we are always out from home until evening and I only feel too exhausted after the long hours of teaching and business works and worse, feel guilty because I dont have enough time with my kid.

With limited time I have, I can only have quality time with my kid and with the househelpers gone, we can only pitch in for houseworks. 

This is the fun side of having an extended family with you, they tend to help around through your busy and not-t00-busy or good days.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Son: Home Alone in the Mall

It was last summer when I accidentally left my kid at the mall and he was gone missing for two hours. I felt indeed quite inadequate and irresponsible parent when I was all unaware that my kid was gone missing. I was only very very grateful that he was able to traverse the road from the mall by walking his way to our old store's place. It was seeing and talking to him that I had known, he was all left at the mall on his own otherwise if I had known it earlier, I could have gone crazy looking for him.

Since them, I never lost him in my sight and if I could only hold on his wrist just to make sure he is all safe, I could have probably done it too. Thus, it could have been easier if I had had special gadget for child safety to make me pacified and secured.

There are indeed a number of cases on missing children and as a parent, I could only feel the possible remorse, sadness and anxiety any normal parents would feel when their kids are in danger or worse missing.

It is then always wiser that when one travels with kid(s), companions and safety gadgets can be a greater help.


How Do You Really Feel About Your Family?

You Feel at Peace With Your Family

You like to persuade your family that you are right about things. You like to be the leader in your family.

You feel like some members of your family are too unhappy. These family members tend to create unhappiness for everyone else.

While your parents made mistakes, you forgive them and accept them for who they are.

You are honest and very outspoken with your family. You sometimes hurt feelings by saying things they don't want to hear.


How to Protect Your Loved Ones form Work-Induced Health Risks

Every work has its own risk but as to the degree, it can be varied from subtle to severe risks. I have been teaching for over a decade and my work-induced health problems include eye and throat strains and backaches.

But, comparing my work to other high-risks jobs like security, health, or rescue, I can say, I am luckier.

However, I am more alarmed that call center jobs bring forth more health – problems than any other office jobs. From the recent national news, it was reported that 8 out 10 call center agents experience more asthma attacks, hypertension, stress, smoking and drinking problems among others.

It is no wonder that in spite of the big compensation package, a good number of BPO workers leave their call center jobs for a more daytime work.

Work's safety measures, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise, however, can help you relieve of your stress and assure you of your health protection but if your health is quite severed by your present job, you may want to reconsider in keeping it.


House Cleaning 101

We have been complaining about keeping cleanliness and order at home but we can’t really be hard on ourselves as we have wacky kids at home that can simply turn things in chaos.
So, oftentimes, we do our minor cleanings on floors, tables and chairs in daily basis while major cleanings on beds, rugs , curtains and soiled clothes are done during weekends.

To make the cleaning much lighter, room users are responsible of their own space while the house helpers work on common areas. Also, we make sure that the kids are trained to keep trash in their places and to help around on small things.

Cleaning is never easy or fun but it is something most people like can’t do without. So, I guess, we can only find means to make it more easy and organized.


House Helpers Gone Mad

It is quite typical among Filipino households to have in-house helpers or yaya to help them through the household chores including attending to the kids. We had our last helpers for over a year and in spite of the family treatment we had on her, we quite felt bad because of the lame works and lazy works along with the nasty behavior of one our helpers’ husband. We quite complain these to my mom but because of the difficulty in finding a replacement, we quite endure silently.

But, last week was the final straw when again our evening food was left unattended. This indeed drew out the anger and disappointment of my mom that she asked the helpers to leave.
On the following day, they indeed packed their things after a heated argument between my mom and the helper’s husband. The thing is they practically made use of all our house supplies to their personal needs including very own food; and with their lame works and lazy behavior, they had practically created a nasty sting that terminating them is simply more of a relief than a burden.

We are now looking for other house helpers to help us; we only hope that the new one(s) shall be better.


Reviewing the Kids for School Exam

Just after the kids at home finished their Nutrition Month celebration last Friday, they now hurdle through their first grading exams and since we arrived from Zambonga City, I have been writing their school reviewers in spite of my hectic schedule and works from teaching and business.

So, lately, I have been sleeping way past midnight, so, I can work on their next day’s exams. Somehow, having other family members at home makes the reviewing easier as they do review the kids while I attend to my school and business duties.

Come Friday, they shall be all done with their tests and I can officially rest from their test papers.