Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House Helpers Gone Mad

It is quite typical among Filipino households to have in-house helpers or yaya to help them through the household chores including attending to the kids. We had our last helpers for over a year and in spite of the family treatment we had on her, we quite felt bad because of the lame works and lazy works along with the nasty behavior of one our helpers’ husband. We quite complain these to my mom but because of the difficulty in finding a replacement, we quite endure silently.

But, last week was the final straw when again our evening food was left unattended. This indeed drew out the anger and disappointment of my mom that she asked the helpers to leave.
On the following day, they indeed packed their things after a heated argument between my mom and the helper’s husband. The thing is they practically made use of all our house supplies to their personal needs including very own food; and with their lame works and lazy behavior, they had practically created a nasty sting that terminating them is simply more of a relief than a burden.

We are now looking for other house helpers to help us; we only hope that the new one(s) shall be better.



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