Saturday, August 28, 2010

How the Hostage of Hongkong Nationals Wronged Aggrieved Countries

August 23, 2010 was a difficult day for Filipinos and Hongkong locals as we, along with the entire world, witnessed the saddening and frustrating aftermath of the hostage done by Capt. Rolando Mendoza that led to 8 deaths including Capt. Mendoza with 9 others injured.

The crisis brought several angry feedbacks and criticism by how Filipinos old-fashion police trainings and tactics had further aggravated the condition with unrestrained media coverage which gave Capt. Mendoza a bird's eyeview of his surroundings. 

Personally, I only see everyone, particularly the tourists and the perpetrator himself as victims of  Filipino culture and tradition. As a former honored military official, I could quite believe that undue process was given upon him and other colleagues who were sanctioned for misconduct leading to their dismissals and without benefits.  This is one of the legal cases where verdicts seem unfair and uncalled for leading for "heroes" to be villains.

And, I feel quite sorry that holidaymakers had to end their vacations in a terrible way. And, all these tragic moments were aired worldwide, and Philippines is more criticized that for one, our Hongkong OFW's are now threatened. 

With the  pointing - finger blame, the government  now is in true search why Capt Mendoza ended his hostage in a bloody way. I quite hope that everyone else who is responsible for the crazy moves of Capt Mendoza shall greatly suffer too. 



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