Saturday, August 28, 2010

How to Limit Technology Addiction

My kid likes to play with his gadgets a lot and since he goes to school on regular weekdays, we can only limit his playing time.

In the old days, we allowed him to play before and after classes, but, it got him all cranky and lazy to move around and he paid less attention on his studies forcing us to limit his playing. Thus, his schedule is limited to Friday late afternoon and weekend only after all reviews or assignments have been made. So, to make his time more entertaining, he plays with his cousins, reads books or watches his favorites movies. 

For his age, we can only reward him for his school efforts and punish him whenever his actions resulted to something bad.

It is only harder for us to explain the need for this discipline when his other classmates bring their gadgets with them even during school time. I can only explain that their school performance is not at all affected by his playing. Thus, if his grades can still be better, then, we can reward the same playing time too.



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