Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Needing a New Desktop Computer

We have moved our desktop computer back to our home since it was heavily used in our old store. We quite used to have it for our movie marathon but for some reasons, the computer keeps on shutting down after few hours of use. When we checked its hardware setting, a low power source marks the problem. 

So, we quite need a new desktop computer and reading from reliable   desktop computer reviews  can be quite a help.  We wish to have a DELL  desktop PC or an ACER  Personal Computer which my sister can also use.   We don't mind paying extra for something that is durable.  A handy computer can be quite a help especially for the kids' school research and if in case, we need it for our store's POS system, we can be assured that it won't fail in the middle of any store transaction.

We must place our search and order soon, so, we  can buy it when we have the resources again. 



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