Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Son: Home Alone in the Mall

It was last summer when I accidentally left my kid at the mall and he was gone missing for two hours. I felt indeed quite inadequate and irresponsible parent when I was all unaware that my kid was gone missing. I was only very very grateful that he was able to traverse the road from the mall by walking his way to our old store's place. It was seeing and talking to him that I had known, he was all left at the mall on his own otherwise if I had known it earlier, I could have gone crazy looking for him.

Since them, I never lost him in my sight and if I could only hold on his wrist just to make sure he is all safe, I could have probably done it too. Thus, it could have been easier if I had had special gadget for child safety to make me pacified and secured.

There are indeed a number of cases on missing children and as a parent, I could only feel the possible remorse, sadness and anxiety any normal parents would feel when their kids are in danger or worse missing.

It is then always wiser that when one travels with kid(s), companions and safety gadgets can be a greater help.



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