Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why You Should Lose Weight

In this fast - pace era, we want every thing else to be on - the - go and no wonder fast food industry is becoming a multi - billion industry. But, with this kind of unhealthy diet and hectic lifestyle, we tend to ignore our weights that we miss exercise, to acquire vices like drinking and smoking, and to develop eventually lifestyle - oriented health problems.

Medical experts say that over and under weights can lead to various health problems including hypertension, heart and cancer risks, diabetics, obesity among others. There are several ways to keep weights down and these include exercise, plastic surgery, and diet.

Exercise is quite difficult to endure and sustain but if you seriously want to reduce your weights fast, you can try Diet pills that work without exercise and see miracles happen.

I am back to jogging now in spite of my late works, so, I can stay fit and fab. Although I wish I can just stay on my bed and continue with my slumber, I rather hit the road and sweat.


Daddy on Long Vacation

In my other post on separation anxiety, I posted possible causes of this predicament and parents are normally sad to see their kids all wailing when they have to leave for work or long trips.

My kid's pop is away for more than a month of vacation and although my kid wish that his pop won't go, we can only explain the reasons for the vacation and that the separation is only temporary.

It somehow helps that his pop calls him up before he goes to sleep. Somehow, this old routine is still there in spite of the distance.

On the day of their separation, the boys simply cried but psychologists say that parents have direct impact to eliminating or intensifying separation anxiety. Thus, having a long and dramatic goodbyes from parents can make the situation worse.

Somehow, with me being around, his separation from his pop becomes less difficult. Thus, the important lesson here is to let trusted people stay with the kids to assure them that separation anxiety is only healthy and temporary.


When Your Kids Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Normally, when parents leave their kids behind, the little ones simply throw a wailing fit or tantrum or solid clinging. However, separation anxiety is quite normal among the young children and knowing the difference between normal separation anxiety and separation anxiety disorder can you and your kids better. If the problem is identified as disorder characterized with refusal to attend to school, eat or sleep and sickness like pretend headaches, stomachaches and alike. If this is the case, professional help is rather needed.

But, what are the occasions that can trigger separation anxiety, here are the probable causes:

  • new environment (i.e. new school or new house)
  • death of pets or loved ones
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • change in school or home routines
You can however remedy prevent or address separation anxiety when it happens. These can be few of your guides:

  • if the separation is pre - set, you can discuss this ahead of time with your kid;
  • develop a regular routine in the morning and evening;
  • have a primary caregiver, so, your kid develop trust in other adults;
  • have a calm but consistent treatment about leaving your kids behind;
  • recognize your kids' fears but sooth them with assurance that you will come back soon;
  • don't stall or prolong or have a dramatic goodbye;
  • give rewards when needed;
  • don't sneak out; let your kid understand the reason why you should go, so, future separations can be easily handled; and
  • let the teacher cooperate in treating the anxiety.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Health Above All

In this hard - up time, it is only practical and smarter if family can pool resources to value basic needs - food, clothing, shelter, education and health.

So, whenever budget allows it, save for your health because you never know when it can become handy and useful.

Not all hospitals are equipped with up - to - date technology, facilities and equipment including medical carts with efficient services.

We all want comfortable and decent living, thus, we can only work harder and save for ourselves and for loved ones.


Limiting Playing Time

My own kid is way hooked to his PSP and movie viewing and with his overweight, I can only blame his immobility and too much eating.

So, to make sure that he gets restrained from his playing, we set Friday afternoon and weekend as his only time to play. However, it is only more difficult to convince him the importance of setting separate time for schooling and playing as his classmates get to play everyday after school. We can only compromise that if his grades get better, then, he can play everyday.

It may confuse him a bit but explaining the reasons to him makes the compromise more agreeable.


How to Encourage Home Readings

The kids at home were required by their Reading teacher to read at least 3 stories from their book for the entire month of September.

You bet my own kid was all picky when it comes to reading long and short stories. So, to encourage him to read, I let him pick the story that he likes best to make reading more pleasant.

And, if in case, he just want short stories, I let him pick 2 - 3 stories to compensate for the short selections. Further, after the reading, we ask questions to make sure that he has understood what he has read.

But, giving your child perks after a home reading can encourage more until he gets the habit of reading without being told.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Can Exercise Overcome Genes?

Studies show that some individuals are bigger than their counterparts because of their genes. And, it can be discouraging but genes are oftentimes blamed for obesity tendencies or issues.

However, in one article in USAToday, studies in Great Britain assessed 12 gene variants known to increase obesity risks and monitored the physical activity of around 21,000 people.

Their study aimed to determine whether active lifestyle has an influence on gene - influenced obesity. Their findings revealed that exercise can indeed overcome genes. And, this is really a very good and encouraging news.

Losing weight is indeed difficult but apart from exercise, you can still cut down your excess weights through cosmetic surgery and other weight loss alternatives.

So, if you wish to find answers for questions like, "does lipofuze work? ," you bet, you can find effective solution to your weight loss problem.


When Family Help Becomes Helpful

Filipino families are usually extended, that is, a direct family gets to live with parents, siblings or grandparents.

While other countries have a different culture, having extended family has its perks and downsides.

Here are the good perks:

  • they help you with your house works, assignments, and financial limitations;
  • they make occasions more lovelier and interesting;
  • they become your confidante;
  • they help with your decision making and family matters

Now, the bad sides:

  • they tend to nag on you;
  • they get into your personal business;
  • they may be an added expense;
  • they can be all cranky or nasty too.

With good or bad sides, my rich Filipino culture is simply woven with strong family ties. So, we might as well both endure and enjoy it.


Are You Like Your Mom?

Believe it or not, you and your mom are pretty darn similar.
It may not seem like it at times, but you and your mom have a lot of common ground.
You and your mom do understand each other well. You may just need to work on communication.
Over time, you'll probably get closer ... especially if you emphasize the things you like about each other.


Family Wish List

My spartan family is limited in everything else. I guess the culture of my parents made us grow up that way.

But, with basic commodities along with entertainment essentials, we can only wish for more. Perhaps, if resources will suffice, we can get this wish list done one at a time.

So, the family wish list includes the following:

  1. wide screen 3D - enabled theater systems;
  2. iPods for me and my siblings;
  3. new computer desktops;
  4. new car;
  5. grill systems;
  6. new portable DVD player; and
  7. music player.
These can be pricey but with abt electronics coupons, we can get big savings on quality brands.

Perhaps, we can start acquiring the cheaper ones and eventually work on the big - value stuffs. I can only keep my fingers crossed but we shall make sure that we can eventually have this wish list realized.


When Household Nanny is Needed

Most Filipino households do have nanny's to attend to their kids while the employers attend to their businesses.

Nanny's are usual members of the house and when they are lucky, families treat them as an extended family. Take for instance the case of celebrity Sharon Cuneta who had grown with her nanny since childhood until the nanny took care of her own kid until death bed.

But, it is quite sad that some nanny's have to leave their children to attend to someone else's kids. This is the case with overseas workers who work as housemaids or nanny's. Worse, some of the nanny's get harassed, abused or discriminated.

I can only hope that the Philippine government can indeed provide a conducive economy for every household that OFWs need not to leave their families behind.


Filipinos Fall for Korean Drama Phenomenon

Since the start of Meteor Garden, a Taiwanese adaptation of a Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, the Filipinos are forever hooked to Asian drama series.

And, previously I was not at all interested with any drama series, Asian or otherwise, but with all the babbling of fellow teachers and students, I was simply curious and then, got all addicted. LOL!

The last hot wave that consume most Filipinos was Boys Over Flowers, the Korean version of Meteor Garden, and I am quite guilty with this as I have viewed the series more than 3x already. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

But, here is the list of my Korean top favorites:

  1. Boys Over Flowers
  2. 1st Coffee Prince
  3. Full House
  4. Kim San Soon
  5. The Vineyard Man
  6. Princess Hours
  7. Hello My Teacher
  8. Let's Go to School Sang Doo
  9. My Lady Castle
I am still into Korean series but I would still prefer to watch my Korean artists.


Jogging Tomorrow for Us

It is weekend again and it has been my dragging cry to go back to jogging and cut down my nasty weights again. With busy schedules in teaching and business, I normally sleep late making me miss my jogs in early morning.

Now, that I am used to my works and time, I wish to hit the running track again to cut the bulging lumps I have on my belly.

Losing weight is never really easy; some try cosmetic surgery and medications as fat burner while others simply exercise and regardless of the medium, the idea of keeping the weights down to stay healthy remains a compelling reason to eliminate excess weights.

I can only hope that I can sustain my penchant to resume with my morning regimen again.


Kids on Playing Cards

photo source:

My kid and nephew are recently inclined with trading game cards and while I may, they are safe, I never really understood how they are played.

My kid asked me to buy him a DUEL MASTER trading card set and while they look appealing in characters, I don't know actually the game loops.

So, I dig in how a trading game particular Duel Masters is played, here is an excerpt from

In Duel Masters, players build a deck of creatures and spells using cards from starter decks and booster packs. Your creatures are brought into play by paying the mana cost associated with it and are used to attack your opponents creatures or shields. Each player starts the game with 5 shields in play. These shields are merely 5 cards from your deck that are dealt face-down in front of you before the game starts. The shields, along with any "tapped" creatures you have in play, form your defenses. When a creature attacks a player and isn't blocked, that creature breaks one of that player's shields. Each time a player's shield is broken, the player puts the shield into his hand. You win the game if on of your creatures attacks your opponent when he has no shields left (as long as your creature isn't blocked).

Duel Masters is played in a very similar fashion to Magic: The Gathering, which is also made by Wizards of the Coast. Much of the terminology used in Duel Masters is the same as in Magic as well, such as "tapped", "summoning sickness", etc.


Will You Allow Your Kids to Join Beauty Pageants?

Just today, our city held Munting Mutya ng Gensan 2010 or Little Miss Gensan 2010 and the venue was packed as the little kids showcased their talents in their Talent portion.

But, would all parents allow their kids to join beauty pageants? Beauty pageants can actually boost more the self - confidence of the participants but can also break their self - esteem once they fail.

Apart from boosting self confidence, kids will get the needed exposure and widen their networks which I think are good perks. But, just like any contest, winning and losing are all inclusive hazards. Thus, it is quite important that when you and your kids really must join pageants, a clear comprehension should be made, that is, winning or losing does not define your kid's possible potentials or skills.

Further, when contest can hamper the kid's time for rest and playing, then, you can start considering if the contest is really worth all the energy and time.

So, will you allow your kids to join beauty pageants?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sex Education in Philippine Education System

The Department of Education strongly enforce inclusion of sex education among elementary and high school students to encourage more awareness. With the increasing number of unwanted pregnancy and health issues, the government agency was simply alarmed along with other concerned parents.

I however, personally favor inclusion of sex education in the academe because even medical experts say that sex education can be taught as early as three years old. When responsible sex education is in play, students can be better taught how to handle pressures in sex and its possible consequences.

However, sex education is limited and within the topic coverage set by the institution. Knowledge on sex, its consequences including medications like testosterone pills can help the young ones make the right decision.

When kids are responsibly informed, they grow wiser and smarter and more responsible.


Cultivate a Culture for Reading in the Family

People say that you are what you are through your parents and when they have their own kids, they try to instill the same upbringing too.

But, how can we really encourage a culture for reading among our kids? Kids do what they see from their adults. Thus, when kids see that their parents or elders make reading a habit, they shall form the same habit too.

Recreational activities of kids are mostly defined by the personal interests and inclination of their parents. Consequently, it is not unusual that most kids get discouraged or depressed when they are forced to do things that they don't like.

So, intrinsic motivation is equally important in cultivating a positive culture. When parents maintain an open communication with their kids, solicit their kids' desire and encourage them to have positive habits, kids become better and more equipped with strong character.


Who Are You in Your Family?

You have an innate sense of justice, and you are a total idealist. You are always adopting a new cause.
You don't feel complete as long as you can give back, and you do your best every day to make the world a better place.

Your altruistic ways have likely inspired your family as well. You are a good influence in many ways.
Whether you're just getting your family to recycle or donate a little more to charity, you're happy to see them doing their part too.


Christmas Holidays in the Air

When September comes in play, the mood of most individuals becomes more jovial and hopeful because Christmas holidays are soon to come. And, when holidays consume the days, it is only natural that people buy gifts for their loved ones.

My kid started asking about his Christmas gifts and while holidays are still months away, his question made me think of possible gifts for him and for the rest of the family. I wish I can buy iPod for myself, more toys for the kids, baby stuffs for my younger sister, travel tickets for my other sister and parents, and bushnell binoculars for another family member.

I only hope that as December comes nearer, the buying mood becomes better too. In spite of bad economy, when holidays are in the air, the mood seems better and pensive. So, perhaps I can start buying for the holidays.


How Reality Shows Affect Viewers

Reality shows have long been popular in other countries but they only recently consume our national and local channels. Personally, I don't like reality shows because I don't like the idea of putting a personal life in the scrutiny of others. However, they tend to show real different characters and how are these changed under certain circumstances.

Reality shows like Pinoy Big Brother, the Biggest Loser, Pilipinas Got Talent among others have been a part of Filipinos regular viewing and with that, ordinary individuals are all inspired to be in the big screen in spite of the difficult and stiff competition.

Reality shows may have its good and bad sides, but, somehow they have become a medium to present ordinary lives with extra-ordinary winning character. And, this continues to inspire others.


How Filipino Families Hooked to Drama Series

One of the persisting culture of the Filipinos is our liking to drama series. So, when you check our national channels, you will see a couple of drama series from morning to evening covering different themes about family, friendship and alike.

This has been the tradition and I am quite positive that this tradition will continue to prevail. Well, who cant blame most of my countrymen, most of us can't afford cable systems, thus, we can only watch what is in the big tube. No wonder, any drama series is simply patronized.

After a long day from work and business, we normally arrive home early evening. And after a short dinner, drama series consume the channels again until 9 am.

But, what is more appealing is that drama works of Filipinos are of top caliber and that even other foreigners uphold our cinematic crafts. In fact, Pangako sa Iyo of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa ranked in the local and national channels in China. Cool!

Well, Filipino drama series is simply the best but you can't me in all drama works.


Missing Our Family Exercise

It is more than a month now that I missed my regular jogging and my kid missed his in-line blades and swimming.

As much as I want to go back to my usual sweat works, I simply could not because I usually jog in the mornings, and waking up seems impossible especially with all the late and draining works.

And, I know that I must go back to my jogs soon because my weight is few pounds heavier and that I can't fit anymore into my usual jeans.

I wish to just use other safe and fast diet treatments and programs. So, if I wish to assess any diet pill or find answers for questions like " does apidexin work ," then, I must check customer reviews for better judgment.

Keeping weights down has its health benefits, thus, I only wish that I can cut back my weight through jogging again and use other alternatives for faster results.


Parenting Tips for New Moms

I saw this video in Youtube with more than 700000 hits. So, it might be worth my time and it did. So, if you are a new mom or expecting to have a new baby soon, then, check this video for basic parenting tips to have easy and lovely motherhood moments.


Teach Your Kids Self Reliance

It is the usual goal of parents to see their kids to grow well and to have successful life in their chosen career. But, success is also relative to the kind of character these kids realize and uphold. Thus, the role of family in raising their kids can be quite critical.

My readings on parenting tell me that kids as early as 3 years can be taught about independence, self reliance, and self appreciation. This can be done by letting the kids keep their toys after play, and let them do things on their own just like when you teach them how to brush their own teeth, how to use the eating utensils, how to take a bath and how to clean their mess. You may not however, expect that they will do your bidding perfectly but with these regular training, your kids will eventually make your discipline natural and systemic.

So, to avoid raising spoiled kids, letting them know their duties and roles in the family can make a difference.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preparing Your Siblings for Exams

My younger sibling shall have her term exams tomorrow which will run until Saturday. As a teacher for more than a decade, I can only impart some tips how to help my sibling and my students earn good scores from major exams.

Typically, I advice my students and sibling to have a regular study habit. That way, the subject matter can be deeply understood. Further, preparing an outline during exam reviews can be of great help.

Exams can be quite stressful, thus, symptoms like pimple or acne can be quite typical. So, if you want to know how to earn good scores, how to recharge from stress, or how to get rid of acne fast then, make reading a regular habit. This will make studying more easy and handy.


Nephew Afflicted with Colds

Our youngest family bugger is sick with colds and we are only anxious since he gets more cranky but too passive and pissed off with his decongested nose, disturbing cough, and painful gums from his bursting molars.

We can only help him by giving him his medicines but we quite wish we can do more. We can only hope that he can be better soon since we love him without any sickness.


Teaching Kids About Economics

I only have one kid and two other little nephews at home but we wish to instill good values in them while they are young, so, they can grow with good character. This is only relevant since drop - out cases and juvenile problems in the Philippines among the young ones continue to accelerate. Thus, the role of family on kid's upbringing can be gravely critical.

But, one of the things I wish that my kid will learn is to value money. We were previously told that money is difficult to earn, thus, a conscientious perception on how money should be utilized is enforced on us.

So, as young as 5 years old, I taught my kid to take care of his toys and other belongings, to buy only what is more important, to save for something he wants, and lastly, to work for his money. With our store, he can be quite handy in helping us and I guess the lesson is well taught and learned.

We can only wish though that he along with his nephews can grow as better men.


How to Have an Easy Pregnancy

While others can get pregnant right away, others simply have harder time becoming pregnant. But, when pregnancy occurs, you bet, your life shall take tremendous changes.

Having a healthy pregnancy does not just happen when you are pregnant already; this actually starts even during pre - conception. Thus, taking vitamins before pregnancy and healthy lifestyle ensures that your body is ready and healthy enough to hold another life.

The journey to pregnancy differs from one woman to another but it can be all easy and healthy when you observe these pregnancy tips:

  • take sufficient amount of pregnancy vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A and B, zinc, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, and iron;
  • do pregnancy - oriented exercise;
  • avoid smoking, alcohol drinking and other illegal drugs; and
  • avoid hot tubs to prevent birth defects.


How Family Members Face Alcohol Addiction

When your loved one is hooked to any form of addiction, everyone else is gravely affected. Typically, feelings like shame, disgrace, pity, anger and all sorts of emotions can be felt by a family who endures a loved one consumed with addiction.

A close family member was once hooked to alcohol that it had become a routine from morning to dawn every day. And, while health can be at risk, other drawbacks and downsides can be felt.

But, how do family members really cope with an addiction of a loved one. I can only account from personal experience. While it is important that support must be given to an addicted loved one, professional help must be first and foremost be sought.

Just like any addiction, a personal commitment must be present but when family support is evident during the rehabilitation process, an addicted loved one can be inspired and motivated more to finish the treatment and remain sober.

There can be different reasons why people drink, but unless these reasons are dealt with, alcohol drinking may persist.

As a caring family member, we can only find ways to make sure that our loved one does not fall into a deep pit especially into any form of addiction.


Sibling on Australia Trip

Our younger sibling who is an electrical engineer is set to leave for Australia at the end of this month for a company's project testing.

We were initially expecting that she will relocate for good should the job really require her but we can only sigh our great relief that she will just be away for a week.

My parents are only more proud that their daughter is doing well with her career. Although, most of the time, my kid sister can only lament that she misses us.

We hope to see her soon though come November. For now, we are only happier that she gets to travel to different countries on paid trips.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halloween Costume

It is almost November and normally, schools make use of this month to be on Halloween theme. Last year, we simply purchased commercial Halloween costumes. We wonder if we can have enough time to craft again costumes just like what we did when the kids had their Nutrition Month.

We can only be anxious because sometimes the school asks the parents to be on costumes too. So, perhaps, I may start looking for adult halloween costumes and just buy one if we don’t have enough time to handcraft our own costumes.

We may still have a over a month before Halloween but we can only be ready and prepared for any school Halloween function.


Our Photographer Kid

my kid on his field trip to Shakey's Gensan

My kid is just 8 years old but he simply has the guts to try anything, well, blame that to his dad who is also in extreme sports. My kid practically tried skates board, biking, inline blades, snorkeling, driving and swimming. His latest addition is his inclination for photography.

His grandma did buy him a digital cam, so, he can practically practice with photography. So, whenever there is a school activity, you bet, he brings his digital camera.

Also, he uses his daddy’s SONY DSLR and just capture any picture. We can hope only that he can get better with his interests.  


Family Kin on Airsoft Game

ASG Gensan on BlackWater Airsoft Tourney in General Santos City

Airsoft is one of the many games we used to play; A family member has been playing this way back almost a decade now, but, I only tried this for almost three years now.

Now, that we have relocated to my parents’ home, we can only join with the airsoft games here in our place. So, when the local government celebrates Tuna Festival, an open airsoft competition was held. Our family member joined the event and although his group failed to covet the trophy, they sure had great time.

I quite miss my old playing though when I saw female players on the arena. I wish I can have the time and energy to join future friendly games. 

I wish that by next week, I can start having fun again with my old hobbies – airsoft and jogging.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benefits of Personal Car

Driving is an added skill and according to one Reader's Digest article, acquiring a new skill can actually boost your IQ  and reduce your risks of having dementia at later age. 

But, apart from boosting your IQ, learning new skills like driving has other benefits too. These benefits include boosting your confidence, and acquiring freedom to the things on your own without relying on others' help. 

I recently knew how to drive a motorbike but I wish to learn how to drive a  four - wheel vehicle for greater ease and comfort as I attend to school and business. One of  the things in  my wish list includes a car, a Ferrari if possible, with genuine  Ferrari parts   to boost.

You can let others drive for you but when immediate occasions need traveling, knowing how to drive and having a personal car can bring more convenience.  


Missing Family Beach Fun

I found this old pic from my collection and I could not help but post it; this was taken on the white sands of White Haven Resort last December 2009 in  Gumasa, Glan with my siblings, and friends.

We can only hope that this upcoming December can be another fun time to bond as a family.


Donating Blood has Dramatic Health Benefits Too

checking my blood pressure to test if I can qualify for donation

The SOX bloggers with Red Cross staff at Robinsons Gensan

I am an AB  - blood holder and since this is quite rare for some individuals,  I will oftentimes here that finding this blood type is quire difficult. Thus, with this knowledge, I cam only happier to donate my blood whenever I can to save lives. 

So, for social responsibility, my blogging community initiated the blood donation drive to draw at least 15 bags from various blood donors.

But, apart from the heavenly feeling of able to save lives, donating blood can lead to tremendous health benefits too to include:

  • with able to donate every 2-3 months, you can mostly check if you are healthy or not from most diseases like hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, Syphillis and a health check as well on your blood pressure, body weight and hemoglobin;
  • reduces health risks as iron overload can adversely affect our arteries from oxidation of body cholesterol;
  • reduces cancer risks on liver, colon, lungs, stomach and throat;
  • prevents iron overload that leads to health risks and aging;
  • replenishes you with new supply of blood with 48 hours for a newer, healthier and productive you.

So, if you wish to be more healthy, donate blood, and you are saving lives not only of others but yours too.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanting Our Separate House

Since we decided to leave our old home and join our parents, we have been occupying my old room, and with a husband and a kid, a small room is  not at all enough with  cabinets and equipment around. 

We did start with the construction of our own house just within the family lot, so, my sisters and I can have a little privacy with the ease of just seeing our folks and other family members in a close proximity.  For now, we have our house posts and walls but we still need the partitioning, roofs, and some  bathrooms    to really make it a good house.  We wish to have two bedrooms with two bathrooms to provide comfort and convenience to everyone especially if there are house guests. 

Extended family in the Philippines is quite common but it has its downsides too. Never beats respect for privacy, thus, having your own place can be quite heavenly.  Sometimes when family conflicts arise, you can't help but desire to be away from someone else's reach. 

For now, we can only both enjoy and endure the benefits and drawbacks of living together. But, as soon as I have enough resources, I shall continue building my house and finally move out from my parents' place. But, they can't really be that away since we are just few meters from their doorsteps.  My kid for one will miss his cousins and I shall miss my mom's home cooks!


How to Take Care of Your Family Common Equipment

Regardless of family size, some properties like TV, laptops, computers, PSP, WII, players and all, are actually shared with others. We call this sharing and it is a good value, however, with this generosity and kindness comes responsibility too.

We personally acquired a WII as a gift and for straight three days, the family had been enjoying the fun and excitement of this new entertainment technology. Since it was shared,  we simply left it in the living room only to know that it got busted since the power cable was plugged to 220 V instead of 110 V. 

Since no one took responsibility as who did the plugging, we could only sigh and feel sorry. If only we could have locked the equipment in our room, we could have protected it. tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! Indeed, being kind has its drawbacks too. 

And just this early morning, my sister complained that her ACER  laptop hit the floor and got its screen damaged. This was after her friend borrowed her unit and she left it on the house pets' cage where our mom accidentally hit the cage. tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! She can only wallow in anger, regret and disappointments. 

Moral lesson here is that when things are borrowed, we accept responsibility on these things and that we must take care of them just like what owners do.