Sunday, September 5, 2010

Benefits of Personal Car

Driving is an added skill and according to one Reader's Digest article, acquiring a new skill can actually boost your IQ  and reduce your risks of having dementia at later age. 

But, apart from boosting your IQ, learning new skills like driving has other benefits too. These benefits include boosting your confidence, and acquiring freedom to the things on your own without relying on others' help. 

I recently knew how to drive a motorbike but I wish to learn how to drive a  four - wheel vehicle for greater ease and comfort as I attend to school and business. One of  the things in  my wish list includes a car, a Ferrari if possible, with genuine  Ferrari parts   to boost.

You can let others drive for you but when immediate occasions need traveling, knowing how to drive and having a personal car can bring more convenience.  



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