Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Daddy on Long Vacation

In my other post on separation anxiety, I posted possible causes of this predicament and parents are normally sad to see their kids all wailing when they have to leave for work or long trips.

My kid's pop is away for more than a month of vacation and although my kid wish that his pop won't go, we can only explain the reasons for the vacation and that the separation is only temporary.

It somehow helps that his pop calls him up before he goes to sleep. Somehow, this old routine is still there in spite of the distance.

On the day of their separation, the boys simply cried but psychologists say that parents have direct impact to eliminating or intensifying separation anxiety. Thus, having a long and dramatic goodbyes from parents can make the situation worse.

Somehow, with me being around, his separation from his pop becomes less difficult. Thus, the important lesson here is to let trusted people stay with the kids to assure them that separation anxiety is only healthy and temporary.



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