Sunday, September 5, 2010

Donating Blood has Dramatic Health Benefits Too

checking my blood pressure to test if I can qualify for donation

The SOX bloggers with Red Cross staff at Robinsons Gensan

I am an AB  - blood holder and since this is quite rare for some individuals,  I will oftentimes here that finding this blood type is quire difficult. Thus, with this knowledge, I cam only happier to donate my blood whenever I can to save lives. 

So, for social responsibility, my blogging community initiated the blood donation drive to draw at least 15 bags from various blood donors.

But, apart from the heavenly feeling of able to save lives, donating blood can lead to tremendous health benefits too to include:

  • with able to donate every 2-3 months, you can mostly check if you are healthy or not from most diseases like hepatitis, AIDS, malaria, Syphillis and a health check as well on your blood pressure, body weight and hemoglobin;
  • reduces health risks as iron overload can adversely affect our arteries from oxidation of body cholesterol;
  • reduces cancer risks on liver, colon, lungs, stomach and throat;
  • prevents iron overload that leads to health risks and aging;
  • replenishes you with new supply of blood with 48 hours for a newer, healthier and productive you.

So, if you wish to be more healthy, donate blood, and you are saving lives not only of others but yours too.



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