Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Wish List

My spartan family is limited in everything else. I guess the culture of my parents made us grow up that way.

But, with basic commodities along with entertainment essentials, we can only wish for more. Perhaps, if resources will suffice, we can get this wish list done one at a time.

So, the family wish list includes the following:

  1. wide screen 3D - enabled theater systems;
  2. iPods for me and my siblings;
  3. new computer desktops;
  4. new car;
  5. grill systems;
  6. new portable DVD player; and
  7. music player.
These can be pricey but with abt electronics coupons, we can get big savings on quality brands.

Perhaps, we can start acquiring the cheaper ones and eventually work on the big - value stuffs. I can only keep my fingers crossed but we shall make sure that we can eventually have this wish list realized.



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