Thursday, September 16, 2010

How Filipino Families Hooked to Drama Series

One of the persisting culture of the Filipinos is our liking to drama series. So, when you check our national channels, you will see a couple of drama series from morning to evening covering different themes about family, friendship and alike.

This has been the tradition and I am quite positive that this tradition will continue to prevail. Well, who cant blame most of my countrymen, most of us can't afford cable systems, thus, we can only watch what is in the big tube. No wonder, any drama series is simply patronized.

After a long day from work and business, we normally arrive home early evening. And after a short dinner, drama series consume the channels again until 9 am.

But, what is more appealing is that drama works of Filipinos are of top caliber and that even other foreigners uphold our cinematic crafts. In fact, Pangako sa Iyo of Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa ranked in the local and national channels in China. Cool!

Well, Filipino drama series is simply the best but you can't me in all drama works.



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