Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Take Care of Your Family Common Equipment

Regardless of family size, some properties like TV, laptops, computers, PSP, WII, players and all, are actually shared with others. We call this sharing and it is a good value, however, with this generosity and kindness comes responsibility too.

We personally acquired a WII as a gift and for straight three days, the family had been enjoying the fun and excitement of this new entertainment technology. Since it was shared,  we simply left it in the living room only to know that it got busted since the power cable was plugged to 220 V instead of 110 V. 

Since no one took responsibility as who did the plugging, we could only sigh and feel sorry. If only we could have locked the equipment in our room, we could have protected it. tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! Indeed, being kind has its drawbacks too. 

And just this early morning, my sister complained that her ACER  laptop hit the floor and got its screen damaged. This was after her friend borrowed her unit and she left it on the house pets' cage where our mom accidentally hit the cage. tsk ! tsk ! tsk ! She can only wallow in anger, regret and disappointments. 

Moral lesson here is that when things are borrowed, we accept responsibility on these things and that we must take care of them just like what owners do. 



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