Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teach Your Kids Self Reliance

It is the usual goal of parents to see their kids to grow well and to have successful life in their chosen career. But, success is also relative to the kind of character these kids realize and uphold. Thus, the role of family in raising their kids can be quite critical.

My readings on parenting tell me that kids as early as 3 years can be taught about independence, self reliance, and self appreciation. This can be done by letting the kids keep their toys after play, and let them do things on their own just like when you teach them how to brush their own teeth, how to use the eating utensils, how to take a bath and how to clean their mess. You may not however, expect that they will do your bidding perfectly but with these regular training, your kids will eventually make your discipline natural and systemic.

So, to avoid raising spoiled kids, letting them know their duties and roles in the family can make a difference.



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