Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Teaching Kids About Economics

I only have one kid and two other little nephews at home but we wish to instill good values in them while they are young, so, they can grow with good character. This is only relevant since drop - out cases and juvenile problems in the Philippines among the young ones continue to accelerate. Thus, the role of family on kid's upbringing can be gravely critical.

But, one of the things I wish that my kid will learn is to value money. We were previously told that money is difficult to earn, thus, a conscientious perception on how money should be utilized is enforced on us.

So, as young as 5 years old, I taught my kid to take care of his toys and other belongings, to buy only what is more important, to save for something he wants, and lastly, to work for his money. With our store, he can be quite handy in helping us and I guess the lesson is well taught and learned.

We can only wish though that he along with his nephews can grow as better men.



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