Friday, September 3, 2010

Wanting Our Separate House

Since we decided to leave our old home and join our parents, we have been occupying my old room, and with a husband and a kid, a small room is  not at all enough with  cabinets and equipment around. 

We did start with the construction of our own house just within the family lot, so, my sisters and I can have a little privacy with the ease of just seeing our folks and other family members in a close proximity.  For now, we have our house posts and walls but we still need the partitioning, roofs, and some  bathrooms    to really make it a good house.  We wish to have two bedrooms with two bathrooms to provide comfort and convenience to everyone especially if there are house guests. 

Extended family in the Philippines is quite common but it has its downsides too. Never beats respect for privacy, thus, having your own place can be quite heavenly.  Sometimes when family conflicts arise, you can't help but desire to be away from someone else's reach. 

For now, we can only both enjoy and endure the benefits and drawbacks of living together. But, as soon as I have enough resources, I shall continue building my house and finally move out from my parents' place. But, they can't really be that away since we are just few meters from their doorsteps.  My kid for one will miss his cousins and I shall miss my mom's home cooks!



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