Wednesday, September 29, 2010

When Your Kids Suffer from Separation Anxiety

Normally, when parents leave their kids behind, the little ones simply throw a wailing fit or tantrum or solid clinging. However, separation anxiety is quite normal among the young children and knowing the difference between normal separation anxiety and separation anxiety disorder can you and your kids better. If the problem is identified as disorder characterized with refusal to attend to school, eat or sleep and sickness like pretend headaches, stomachaches and alike. If this is the case, professional help is rather needed.

But, what are the occasions that can trigger separation anxiety, here are the probable causes:

  • new environment (i.e. new school or new house)
  • death of pets or loved ones
  • stress
  • fatigue
  • change in school or home routines
You can however remedy prevent or address separation anxiety when it happens. These can be few of your guides:

  • if the separation is pre - set, you can discuss this ahead of time with your kid;
  • develop a regular routine in the morning and evening;
  • have a primary caregiver, so, your kid develop trust in other adults;
  • have a calm but consistent treatment about leaving your kids behind;
  • recognize your kids' fears but sooth them with assurance that you will come back soon;
  • don't stall or prolong or have a dramatic goodbye;
  • give rewards when needed;
  • don't sneak out; let your kid understand the reason why you should go, so, future separations can be easily handled; and
  • let the teacher cooperate in treating the anxiety.



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