Friday, September 17, 2010

Will You Allow Your Kids to Join Beauty Pageants?

Just today, our city held Munting Mutya ng Gensan 2010 or Little Miss Gensan 2010 and the venue was packed as the little kids showcased their talents in their Talent portion.

But, would all parents allow their kids to join beauty pageants? Beauty pageants can actually boost more the self - confidence of the participants but can also break their self - esteem once they fail.

Apart from boosting self confidence, kids will get the needed exposure and widen their networks which I think are good perks. But, just like any contest, winning and losing are all inclusive hazards. Thus, it is quite important that when you and your kids really must join pageants, a clear comprehension should be made, that is, winning or losing does not define your kid's possible potentials or skills.

Further, when contest can hamper the kid's time for rest and playing, then, you can start considering if the contest is really worth all the energy and time.

So, will you allow your kids to join beauty pageants?



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