Thursday, October 28, 2010

Helping Friends and Family with Big Occasions

It has been a Filipino family tradition to help whenever we can and this occasion may include births, weddings, sickness, deaths, birthdays, graduation and all. And, this culture is not just among relatives but also among friends. So, help like finances or otherwise is extended expecting nothing in return.

Any occasion becomes extra special because loved ones and friends join us in our celebration or feat. For instance, I shall be joining my college friend in her wedding day while we anticipate my sibling giving birth. Then, we can all prepare nice Baptism invitations to invite the rest of our kin and friends.

As early as now, we can only be more excited to join our beloved in their big days.


Reunion with Old Friends and Family

Now that we are back to our old city, we can only find time to meet with friends and relatives. Two days ago, my elementary friends and I had a dinner date and just enjoy the time. We could not help but teased one another while savoring our meals. Indeed, we rocked the entire house with all our noise.

Tomorrow shall be another day to have fun and our schedule is for us to meet extended families. My kid is simply excited to meet and play with his cousins. And, in the evening, I shall see my old school friends and have dinner again and simply pain the town red. Cool!

We shall go home on Monday, and we can only maximize our stay.


How to Enjoy Your Vacation

We are on our one – week vacation in our old city and with this short vacation, we can only maximize our stay and make sure that we have all fun within in our limited budget.

But, how can you really make your vacation fun and safe? Here are my basic tips:

  • List all the things needed for the vacation. Making a list of what must be brought shall make the trip less troublesome;
  • Prepare a plan of what and where to go and do. If the place has some hot spots and special activities, make sure that you visit a few or all of them depending on your budget;
  • Secure your travel papers. It is always wiser to have a photocopy of your papers like passport, visa or IDs just in case you lose the original ones;
  • Experience the culture. Make your trip extra special by experiencing the traditions or culture of the locals. Experience eating their food specialties or ride their special transportation.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Boost Kid's Health

The World Health Organization can definitely account kids who have nutrition and health problems. While these can be duly remedied, local government units and families must find resources and means to make sure that kids do receive the right nutrients, care and attention to make sure that they grow holistically right.

Government agencies like Department of Health (DOH) and Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) along with private institutions do provide health education and interventions including hgh supplement and feeding programs, so, kids and the needy ones can grow healthy and well.

With technology, science and institutions, almost all health issues can be remedied, we just have to act immediately.


Things You Must Do and Avoid When Pregnant

I am surrounded by pregnant people, my sister and employee are both on their trimester, and almost everyone I see are pregnant.

So, I find it only needed to include things that a pregnant must do and avoid. Here is my short list:

  • See your doctor. Your doctor is the best person to evaluate your physical condition while pregnant. He can recommend ways and means to make sure that you have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy.
  • Watch your diet. There are foods like rich in iron, calcium and other needed vitamins and minerals. Avoid raw food like half - cooked egg, fish and meat as they may contain bacteria that can harm your unborn baby.
  • Exercise appropriately. Keeping a normal weight when pregnant helps you during labor and make sure that you won't be acquiring any weight - related health issues like hypertension or heart risks.
  • Stop drinking, smoking or taking illegal drugs. Alcohol, nicotine and other unfriendly - pregnancy chemicals are simply too dangerous for you and unborn baby.
  • Free yourself from unfriendly - pregnancy working environment and stress. If you are constantly exposed to pregnancy risks and too much stress can somehow affect you mentally and physically too.
  • Wear comfy outfit and shoes. Too tight, warm and too high - heel shoes are simply too much to bear for pregnant individuals.


When Elders Need You

I have been hearing sayings that people who are below 6 and above 60 years old need the most attention. While some cultures have different ways how to attend to their elders and youngsters, in the Philippines, we simply rely on family members or nannies to help with the kids while parents go to work, and elders are taken care of by offsprings or other extended family members.

While there are homes for the elders, most of the Filipino families simply take care of their elders until they are gone. This kind of care can be attributed to the knit kin culture of most Filipinos. While this culture may have its perks and downsides, I guess being Filipino means putting family as one of the top priorities.

Putting the elders to facility for the aged may mean giving them appropriate medical attention and relieving the family of some works. Regardless of the family's choice whether to keep their elders at home or place them in a facility, there is no question how they must love and care for their folks.

I only wish though my parents when they grow old, they shall still feel the love and care we give them but I just don't how I can personally attend to their needs when they become child - like again. Perhaps, by then, we can just hire other individuals to help them through.


Teach Your Kids about Independence

Your kids will try to live out your teachings to them when they are exposed to specific education like good hygiene and healthy living. Thus, it is quite imperative that we teach them these values as early as one year old. While it is important that we speak about the essentials, it is equally important that we too model what we preach.

So, let us be open, vocal and consistent about teaching and modeling right and correct values. Further, we have to equip them with the right knowledge, so, they can fend for themselves when they grow old and independent from us.

When they have to face problems like pregnancy, unemployment, personality issues, hygiene rudiments including acne body wash among others, they can be decisive and self reliant.

Kids can only grow according to how they were shaped by their folks. So, as parents, we can only be responsible.


When Family Cultures Collide

As I type, I am watching this movie, Our Family Wedding, this is a movie about two different families, one of black heritage while the other of Spanish. The whole picture then is a story of how romantic love can be in somersault because of family ties and cultures.

While marriage or unions can be possible between couples of different races, they however face a more difficult time adjusting and re-adjusting with traditions and cultures. Needless to say, marriage of same race does not at all guarantee error - free, but different race or culture poses a more challenging relationship between the couples and among the family members.

But, just like any movie, love conquers all. So, the union is really worth fighting for, same culture or not, love is all matters.

You can see the movie's official trailer below.


The Five Factor Emotional Intelligence Test

You can express your emotions, but it's not always easy for you. It takes you a while to open up.

You balance heart and head when conducting your life. Facts matter, but feelings matter too.

You are very emotionally responsive. It's not difficult to tug on your heartstrings.

You are an extremely empathetic person. You find it easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes.


Surrounded by Pregnant and Oldies

It has been a month since I have this awkward feeling and what makes it more worse is the fact that the discomfort is coming from the sight of too many pregnant women wandering before my eyesight.

Don't get me wrong, I love pregnancy and motherhood. I am a mother myself but the fact that I am old but only with one kid creates a little pressure. Worse, my younger sibling suggests getting a facial treatment as I manifest wrinkle lines on my face particularly on my forehead and around my eyes. Sigh!

Since I could not contain aging, I can only contain the symptoms of aging. Now, I have to use moisturizers, wrinkle eye cream and anti - aging body cream and pills.

Looking good means feeling good and as long as I can hide my real age through looking good, then, I am all OK about seeing pregnant and old folks.


How to Plan for a Family Trip

We shall soon leave for a week of vacation in our old town and while I travel more than several times with my kid, somehow, the overnight cruise trip can make me all anxious.

But, how can we actually have a comfortable trip and just have good memories of the vacation with friends or loved ones? Here are my practical tips:

  1. Plan your trip way ahead. This way, you can arrange work/school schedules, nanny or security services to name a few.
  2. Know prevailing cultures, rules, traditions in your target place to better enjoy your stay.
  3. Prepare all your travel papers e.g. visa, passport, ID's. Photocopy them just in case you lost them in your trip.
  4. Pack light. This way you want have to worry with extra - luggage freight, transportation and ease in carrying all your luggage. If allowed, you can buy toiletries and other essentials once you get to your destination.
  5. Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy. Well, no needed words for this.


Spanish Day for the Kids

The kids at home concluded their first semester with a celebration of United Nations' Day and their recognition program.

So, I missed dropping Entrecard for my blogs and updating my posts, so, I could join the kids in their early morning program and could leave early to meet my students. I was only glad that I had seen all their dances and presentation before I had to leave. It was even more relieving since my younger sibling and pop were around to wait for the kids and bring them home.

I was only prouder that the kids had indeed grown up and could just put on a good show for everyone else and Mommy is just proud!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

School Break, Family Bonds

We are officially done with our classes next week, however, the young kids at home shall still run their classes until late October.

Now, that the classes are soon to be halted, we can only enjoy the solitude from school. The exams are done, so, we can just relax and enjoy fun time with friends and loved ones. This can be high time to do recreational activities including watching movies, playing games, swimming and more!

Also, with less restraints on my time, I managed to resume with my morning jogs. Losing weight among older people is quite difficult, thus, I have been adamant about keeping my medium of burning my extra weights.

Good thing that there are other fast and effective fat burners that can make weight loss much easier.

The family can only have more bonding time as we dine and have fun together.


Revived Kasambahay Bill on House Helpers

It is not surprising at all that national news highlight cases of domestic violence over house helpers and the last case was a young maid from the south who decided to take suicide because of severe and traumatic maltreatment from her employers. She was all burned from hot water, cigarettes, sexually abused and salary deprived.

This reality case is just one of the many unspoken stories of Filipino house helpers or maids who get physically, emotionally and sexually abused from their monster employers.

House helpers in the Philippines are typical members of most Filipino families. Normally, their salary range is only between 1000 – 4000 per month. Worse, they get to clean the house, do laundry and cooking, and attend to the kids. And, these are no easy jobs.

So, the new house bill known as KASAMBAHAY BILL was recently revived Diwa party - list Rep. Em Aglipay, the House Bill 1815 on improving and protecting the welfare of house helpers including babysitters, drivers, cook and laundrymen are only commendable, although, I may say these can further increase the compensation cost on maids but these are simply appropriate for the heavy workloads of house helpers.


Our Anxiety over Hong Kong Family Trip

October is soon to be over and while we are excited with our out – of – the – country trip, we can’t help but be anxious as we embark on our new trip. Worse, my parents’ travel schedule is way earlier than mine and my sister wanted them to check in their hotel while waiting for my arrival. Tsk tsk tsk!

So, to appease my anxiety, I did search for Hong Kong Travel Guide, so, we can fully maximize our stay. We can only wish that the travel and trip shall be all safe and fun.

For now, I can only search more about this shopping center in Asia.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Wanted: New House for My Sibling

My younger sibling recently got hooked up and now, she is staying with her partner's home along with the husband's siblings. And, while having an extended family provides cool perks, it can be equally inconvenient.

So, she wanted to resume with our house construction just within our family lot, so, she won't have to adjust with her partner's relatives only this time, the burden will be on her partner's care.

We can only wish that we will eventually continue with the new house and with my sibling trying get the house done, I wish it can be built as elegant and sturdy just like commercial steel buildings for posterity and endurance.

My parents are equally excited to have them within our premises, but, we can only wait if my sibling will have her wish answered.


Are Your Kid's Grades Determinant of Your Kid's IQ?

Enforcing the value of education among kids is simply challenging but the kids' performance at home is not just the responsibility of school because the kids and parents have equal responsibility.

So, exams are given to assess the learning acquired by our kids and while grades are given to equate this performance, this is not a basis of our kids' IQ although this can be an indicator for learning disorders or problems. Thus, as parents, we have to be vigilant and cooperative with schools and to at least check if professional intervention is indeed needed for our kids.

My son is oftentimes construed as mentally challenged because he does not perform well in school. In fact, he is one of the lowest performers. But, when evaluated individually by teachers and his guidance counsellors, he ranks equal to their second honor student.

He is not autistic or something, his passion for learning is not just equal to that of his other classmates and partly, having working mom and pop without a professional tutor does not help much. So, with this problem recognition, I wish to cultivate a value for education and gladly, he is picking up.

With right guidance and personal motivation, your kids' grades can improve but IQ is totally not equal to his grades.


Family and School Ordeal: 2 More Years for Philippine Basic Education

It has been days since the announcement that kindergarten along with elementary and secondary education shall be augmented with two (2) more years to achieve quality graduates. And, this DEPED's pronouncement has solicited equal acceptance and rejection from all sectors.

As a college teacher, I assessed most of my college students to be downsided in most areas including but not limited to communication skills, comprehension, problem solving and analytical skills and while these can be enforced, teaching them a subject content is simply harder to do.

In IT alone, most elementary and high schools can only offer this subject to the prime class and worse, some could be high school graduates but no formal computer education. And, when they pursue computer courses, their education and training can't be fully covered. Thus, they end up half prepared.

I am pro - extension when it comes to adding years to basic education, but, quality is not just achieved by the numbers but by other contributing and significant factors too including quality teachers, better facilities, improved curriculum and instruction. So, if quality graduates are indeed the issue, DEPED and the government can at least cover all facets of education otherwise all these efforts will produce less significant effect.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perks and Frills of Family Business

My family has long been with the furniture business for almost two decades now and thanks to my mom, my siblings and I inherited her passion. So, we created our boutique to serve our own inclination for shopping and fashion.

But, having a business is no easy feat; managers and owners must enforce strategic planning at its best to thrive and succeed in the playing field.

There are indeed several contributing reasons to business success and these include marketing and customer communication. And, with internet hype, it is not unusual that most companies of different sizes make use of websites with features like managed web hosting to promote their services or products.

Family business allows fast decisions and unquestionable support although conflicts may still arise from individual differences but with blood that bonds the managers and owners, running the family business becomes easier.



My SOX Family with guests, Dan Delima - Google's Software Engineer and wife Rhea
at one of the city's resto.

It is a blessing, gift and luck that one can get friends who can stick with you over time and in spite of differences in stature, one can only enjoy and savor friendship above all.

So, I can only be happier that whenever we can, my SOCCSKSARGEN BLOGGERS community and I bond for a reason or two.

We however, missed the last birthday bash of one good and sweet blogger. But, come Mindanao Summit in Zamboanga City, we shall be having fun again as one family.


Kids on School Exams Again

My son and nephew along with my younger sibling are scheduled to have their second semester and final exam next week. And, while I am not at all concerned, I have to prepare my own test questionnaires for the young kids as their own reviewers.

And, since I am quite busy, I can only find time to squeeze my schedule and make their test reviewers. I am only relieved that our school exams shall be next week, so, that leaves me checking only my school papers and encoding my grades as I wait for final exams to go through.

I only wish that I can finish all the reviewers and have the kids ready for their exams on Monday.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enforce Family Quality Time Through Recreations

Amidst our busy and hectic schedule, it is very relevant that we find ways to eliminate and address our stress. And, experts suggest that recreational activities like exercise, movie and theater watching, or gardening can only assure that we have healthy and happy living.

But, what can be more exciting and happier than enjoying our recreational activities with our loved ones and / or friends. Not only that we get to have a company or two to laugh and dine or play with, but also we get to reenforce stronger relationships with them. Thus, if you are in search for good recreational activities and may be needing theater tickets for fun movies or plays, you can find a way to set that special bonding time.

I can't personally wait my next recreational activity with my family; perhaps, I can start booking an arrangement and just surprise them!


What To Do and Not Do When Pregnant

I am surrounded with pregnant people: my sister, my store attendant and close family friend. And, surprising though, whenever I wander around malls or somewhere else, I keep seeing bulging women. So, I think it is only fitting to write about pregnancy for expectant mothers and family.

But, what can expectant mothers avoid when pregnant. Here is my short list:

  • No drinking, smoking or illegal drugs;
  • No raw meat as it may contain bacteria, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella that can affect your unborn baby;
  • No raw eggs which have similar adverse effects from meat;
  • No eating of big fish like shark, tuna and other carnivore fish that may contain high mercury level;
  • Stay clear from stress – inducing tasks or activities like difficult jobs or fights and alike;
  • Exercise fit for you as pregnant;
  • Wear comfy clothes and footwear;
  • Take enough vitamins and minerals which can boost healthy baby development and safe pregnancy;


Filipinos as Among the Happiest but Most Depressed

It is no unusual news that we, Filipinos, are one of the happiest because in spite of problems, we seem to take on hope and manage to smile and fool or kid around.

But, I came across this unfortunate news in a national news that Filipinos are the most depressed individuals in Asia which can be attributed to hard economy, family separation through deaths or otherwise, unemployment, financial constraints among others.

We may feign our depression through our happy smiles but that alone cannot really eliminate problems that are masked by lip muscle twist. This is a sad thought but a hard fact.


Teach Your Siblings, Kids or Friends How to Get a Job

The school semester is soon to be over and what can be more pressing than getting a job after graduation. But, with the continuing economy crisis where hundreds of companies if not thousands go bankrupt where employees are retrenched or simply cut from the live stream.

So, with limited vacancies, finding a job is just finding a needle in a haystack. But, what can you exactly do to make sure that you won’t be counted as one of the unemployed individuals. Basically, make sure that you have different skills and knowledge acquired from school and from the field. These will give you the headstart.

With these skills and knowledge as your basic weapon, next to do is to find your playing field. You can try in your locality through job fairs, walk – in application, or print advertisements. You can ask referrals too from your school or from acquaintances . Normally, while waiting in a company to attended to, a fellow applicant may be generous enough to provide information of other venues for application.

Lastly, don’t ever fail to search online. There are companies that websites and applications can be directed through emails. More importantly, you can search for employment portals where employers can search for potential candidates.

It is quite imperative that with the right character, skills and intelligence, you can still land a job in spite of the looming economy.


Cultivate a Passion for Family Hygiene

Never beats cleanliness as a medium of prevention against any illness including skin problems like pimples or acne, digestive and immunity diseases among others. Good thing though that there are medications to treat health problems including acne scars from to handle the aftermath of skin problems to name a few.

Thus, as elders, it is important that we teach our kids how to wash their hands with soap before and after dining, playing or exercising among others. But, in teaching, we have to demonstrate ourselves what we teach to enforce better learning. We have to be consistent with our hygiene habits.

Habits like taking a bath after and bed can be enforced and cleaning frequently held gadgets like computers or cellphones can further eliminate causes for health concerns.

The bottom line is that we can have healthy and clean living if we are well - informed and kids shall value these hygiene habits until they grow old.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Family All Sick

With the extreme weather of hot and cool, most of us are sick with colds and flu. And with my busy schedule in school, business and other associated tasks, I am simply stricken of flu.

I wish to sleep early and rest but I still have to work on other stuffs. Sigh! Being sick is the only way I can slow. tsk ! tsk ! tsk!

Although it is a weekend tomorrow, I still have to be in school and attend to my students' defenses and just head to business store to man it.

After this blog post, I can go straight to bed and rest well.


The Birth Order Predictor

I am the eldest, so, I find this quite true! LOL!

At your darkest moments, you feel guilty.
At work and school, you do best when you're researching.
When you love someone, you tend to agree with them often.

In friendship, you are considerate and compromising.
Your ideal careers are: business, research, counseling, promotion, and speaking.
You will leave your mark on the world with discoveries, new information, and teaching people to dream.