Friday, October 8, 2010

Are Your Kid's Grades Determinant of Your Kid's IQ?

Enforcing the value of education among kids is simply challenging but the kids' performance at home is not just the responsibility of school because the kids and parents have equal responsibility.

So, exams are given to assess the learning acquired by our kids and while grades are given to equate this performance, this is not a basis of our kids' IQ although this can be an indicator for learning disorders or problems. Thus, as parents, we have to be vigilant and cooperative with schools and to at least check if professional intervention is indeed needed for our kids.

My son is oftentimes construed as mentally challenged because he does not perform well in school. In fact, he is one of the lowest performers. But, when evaluated individually by teachers and his guidance counsellors, he ranks equal to their second honor student.

He is not autistic or something, his passion for learning is not just equal to that of his other classmates and partly, having working mom and pop without a professional tutor does not help much. So, with this problem recognition, I wish to cultivate a value for education and gladly, he is picking up.

With right guidance and personal motivation, your kids' grades can improve but IQ is totally not equal to his grades.



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